A 5k, No-Bake-No-Stove-top Cookie Bites, and Ragnar Relay Planning

Ok, It’s Friday, but I’m posting early for Somer Saturday because I have a crazy busy day tomorrow!

I am travelling 2 hours to run a 5k tomorrow. Normally I wouldn’t travel that far to run such a measly distance, but it’s for a good cause! My brother Abe is putting on the Sprint to Print 5k in Logan, Utah. Proceeds support the Utah State Art Department where he teaches printmaking classes and is finishing his Master’s degree. Check his stuff out on Facebook. I miss him like crazy and can’t wait to hang out with him!

Plus, I get a t-shirt with one of his awesome designs on it. Afterwards we will eat some Cafe Rio, putz around, then I will drive 2 hours back to be home in time to host our sweet Ragnar Relay Wasatch Back team meeting. This is year 5 as El Capitano of team ‘Hard Day’s Night’ (super appropriate name for a Ragnar Relay, and coincidentally one of my favorite Beatles songs 😉 ). I really want one of those 5 year wasatch back club jackets so I hope they don’t stiff me. For everything you need to know about Ragnar (and many things you don’t want to know) check out my friend Christina’s blog here. She is the resident expert with 10 Ragnar races from all over the country under her (fuel)belt.

Anyway, I made some snackage for our drive….a faux larabar hybrid from several recipes I was inspired by and they are all ready all gone and I need to make another batch! As a kid my favorite cookie was a No Bake Cookie. Well if you have ever eaten those, this recipe tastes just like a no bake cookie, but without sticks of butter or margarine, or crazy amounts of sugar. In fact, this recipe is sweetened by dates and only 2 T. of agave. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

No-Bake-No-Stove-Top Cookie Bites

1 C. raw cashews, almonds or walnuts (I used a 1/3 C. of each)

1 C. rolled oats

1.5 C. packed dates, roughly chop after measuring

1/4 t. kosher salt

1.5 t. vanilla

2 T. natural peanut butter

2 T. raw agave

2 T. cocoa powder

1/4 C. dairy free dark chocolate chips

Process dates, nuts, chocolate chips, cocoa powder, oats and salt in the food processor until fine.

Add peanut butter, agave and vanilla and process again until it forms a ball, kinda like a ball of dough. If your batch doesn’t do this, add water a teaspoon at a time until it does (dates can sometimes be dried out and need a little re-moisturizing).

Press into 8×8 pan lined with saran wrap. Roll it smooth, I used an empty glass jar. Freeze for 20 minutes. Remove from freezer, lift saran wrap (and block of goodness) out of pan and place onto cutting board. Slice into 8 pieces across and 8 pieces lengthwise.
Will make 64 pieces. Each piece has 30 Calories, 1 fat grams, 1 gram protein and 4 grams carbs. Keep in a closed contained in the fridge to maintain freshness.
Oh and for those detractors who said Amanda couldn’t possibly be giving her baby all the nutrients he needed while in-utero WHILE consuming a plant-based diet….
 He came naturally into this world on Wednesday and he weighs nearly 10 lbs

14 thoughts on “A 5k, No-Bake-No-Stove-top Cookie Bites, and Ragnar Relay Planning

    • Thanks! It was beautiful weather and we had a great time. My 8 year old daughter ran it with me. It was her first race. I’m one proud mama!

  1. I just made these for lunch–I mean dessert after lunch. They are yummy, but I don’t recommend using your Vitamix :). I froze mine twice, but prevailed and they are now in the freezer.

  2. Just made a double batch of the “cookies” after getting a lovely package of Smith’s candy-infused cookies from a neighbor. S still likes the candy infused ones (no kidding), but yours were fantastic! The half batch was perfect in an 8×8 and fit in my food processor, which might be a bit snug for a full batch. These may be a frequent go-to for after school – or any time – treats!

    • So glad you loved them. Seriously can’t keep them on hand in this house! Of course S still loves candy infused cookies! K hones in on them every time we go to the store! Hope your health is good in your household. Erika has a prize for you from me 😉

    • You can’t possibly stop eating them, which is why I haven’t yet made them again. I was nearly going to make them this afternoon, but then fell asleep while sitting up at the kitchen table while trying to plan out my grocery list and meals this week. Sleep deprived much?

      Not a giant baby trophy…..I wish I had thought of that though! Would have been funny.

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