Family Matters Most

 It’s Tasty Tuesday

and I have felt like screaming and crying and breaking things because on Sunday I found out someone I love dearly has cancer. This person also has a history of heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. He is absolutely lovely and feeds the possums that live in his shed apples. How can you get a lovelier person than that? You can’t.

I wish I could go halfway across the world and become some neurotic plant-based care taker and make everything better, but life doesn’t work that way. So I keep dosing on healing frankincense essential oil like its xanax, and huffing lavender oil from the palms of my hands to calm myself.

Now that I’m more sane, I’m hoping to spread some gentle nurturing seeds and do lots of praying instead.

and did I mention that my spouse is out-of-town on a business trip? and I have 2 black toenails like I do after nearly every race because they don’t make a running shoe in a nine and 3/4, and my toddler keeps stepping on those very toes? Good thing I painted them purple before the race.

and I haven’t had anything tasty yet today.

On top of that, I have had family in town for 2 days (6 very loud, very loved people staying at my house, Amanda – they loved your African Peanut Stew). and we were all out all day today going everywhere that people don’t go when they live on a remote beach in a fabulous beach-house in Mexico (sad, isn’t it?). Why I didn’t plan my meals better is beyond me. Let me say eating out plant-based can be really challenging sometimes….

For breakfast at IKEA options were: bacon, eggs, fried hash-browns, fried french toast sticks, high fructose corn syrup masquerading as maple syrup and crepes (milk & egg) with lingonberry jam that was looking a bit congealed. I was just about to settle on orange juice alone when food servers plonked down a steaming tray of Normandy vegetables behind the perspex and started assembling the salad bar as I neared the front of the food queue. Yes, I ate frozen-re-heated Normandy vegetables and a very sad little salad without dressing for breakfast.

For lunch, I thought I had it in the [brown] bag. Kneaders is a Utah based bakery with fabulous breads, pastries, soups, salads and sandwiches. In the drive-thru, I ordered the veggie avocado on 100% whole wheat, minus cheese, minus mayo, plus cranberry sauce, plus sprouts, plus cucumber. I have had it before and it was divine. 10 minutes down the road I open my box. My sandwich was covered in giant turkey breast chunks, mayo and cheese, but also had lots  of lovely sprouts and cucumber?!? I removed the offending ingredients as best as I could only to find the lettuce on the sandwich rather crunchy with dirt. Totally inedible. Sad day Kneaders, sad day!

The starvation breakdown: Costco food court. Smoothie, or shall I say sugared frozen fruit syrup?

Dinner: the Burger King drive through – I kid you not. My only redemption here after lots of repentance is that yes indeed, they do have a veggie burger. It doesn’t have added cheese, but I’m not entirely sure it’s vegan, even without the mayo. Will you believe me if I told you I didn’t eat any of my daughter’s onion rings? Well, you shouldn’t because I’m lying through my teeth.

So right now I am drinking a giant very bitter kale smoothie through a metal straw that my sister-in-law gave me in hopes my body doesn’t form some sort of act of rebellion against me for today’s transgressions.

Thank goodness my mom was able to impart some wisdom on me today. “You don’t have to do everything all the time Somer.” I have been like some over-achieving Vegan Mormon do-gooder. Baking artisan bread, making almond or cashew yogurt, making every possible version of a DIY Larabar, cooking fresh wholesome meals for every meal for my family every day, taking meals to sickly neighbors, drinking gallons of green smoothies, eating ridiculously large salads, grooming my excessively furry dog by myself.  Do you think there is a possible market for sheared Portuguese Water Dog fur? Anyone want to knit a cozy sweater? I swear he is half sheep! We are seriously considering buying the flowbee for him. No, really, I’m not kidding.

I have also been desperately planning and hoping for my own organic garden in our yard to offset the cost of purchasing organic at the store (recent thallium contamination in our city water supply overrode that decision, at the city meeting regarding the issue, the presenters told local residents not to garden at all, or to even let our children run through the sprinklers. Good times). In the meantime my kitchen has been torn apart while our plumber installed a reverse osmosis drinking system with an additional activated alumina filter to remove the toxic thallium from our drinking water. I am tired of going all Erin Brokovitch on the issue and can’t really pull off her look anyway. Do I need to move? Does anyone want to buy my house?

Yes I am a bit worn out and frazzled at the ends. So today – instead of losing it all or changing resolve to still eat well – I bought things. Lots of convenient easy things. I bought almond milk, soy milk, I also bought chocolate soy milk (I can’t help myself). I bought Whole Soy yogurt, and Amande almond yogurt, I bought a massive jar of natural peanut butter because I can’t keep it in stock in my pantry and because even though I really want to make this version at ohsheglows, I’m not really that together or that cool right now. Maybe I can just get some of her amazing osmosis vibes by looking at her beautiful photos? I gave in to my 3-year-old and we bargained on Clif Kids Ropes over traditional fruit snacks. Not sure I really won there, but I keep telling myself they are at least healthier not dip dyed in red #5. I bought 100% whole wheat bread and some Ezekial sprouted english muffins. I bought vegan fruit and nut bars instead of larabars because they were only .50 cents each. I bought some beautiful melons and looking at them on my table I keep reminding my flat self that I don’t need plastic surgery like everyone else in Utah to feel better about myself. I am beautiful just the way I am. And I am going to try to stop chasing skinny and stop trying to lose that last 5 lbs.

I even bought pre-chopped, pre-packaged Kale for my smoothies. I was super stressed about coming up with something fabulous to post on the blog today, but I decided that my family matters most, so I spent a few hours playing with my kids instead. So I’m abusing the blog in order to do a healing cathartic post. Sorry. I’m going to foodie blogger hell for sure. But at least I won’t be stressed over making-every-single-thing-from-scratch-all-the-time when I get there. If anyone wants to join me, I’m the one with my hand stuck in the dairy free chocolate chip jar.

10 thoughts on “Family Matters Most

  1. Deep breath. You know why I’m not posting? It’s not that I’m not cooking, but I realized yesterday that I was taking more pictures of food than my baby. Baby my baby is where I’m at, although I think vegan chocolate chocolate chip banana muffins might get posted soon since we pulled those out of the freezer for snack today. Go yell at kneaders and get a free sandwich.

    • I would love to be eating chocolate chip banana muffins and holding your baby, although probably not at the same time, because then he would have crumbs all over him 😉

      Calmed down today. Just spent an hour making a giant batch of strawberry freezer jam. I sweetened it with apple juice, so we’ll see if it turns out. I should have done it in the cuisinart, but I love slicing and crushing the berries myself.

      Like you said, being a mom needs to come first. Take your time.

  2. Hahahaha! This would TOTALLY happen to me. I’ll spare you the truth about BK “veggie burgers” lol … you did the best you could, and that’s all you can ever ask of yourself! As delicious and fun as clean food is, it’s nothing compared with the memories of a great road trip with people you love. You did the right thing!!

  3. Indeed a girl’s gotta eat, and a girl’s gotta breathe, and a girl’s gotta have a break now and then. I am so sorry about your friend. We will add ‘Somer’s friend’ to our list of people to send wishes of wellness and peace. And you sure sound a lot like a couple of try-to-do-everything-themselves sisters over here at our blog! Hang in there!

    • Thanks for the wishes of wellness and peace. The world needs more of those.

      I climbed out of my black hole and made 4 batches of strawberry freezer jam yesterday. I sweetened them with apple juice and sliced and mashed the strawberries by hand. Sometimes the cuisinart and high powered blender need to stay in the cupboard. In my house, jam making is one of those occasions. Feeling better.

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