My sincerest apologies to Millet

After all your endorsements for the poor grain, I decided I would earnestly, without bias, try it again. At my mom’s suggestion,  I added a little more water to the pan of millet I had just finished “cooking” and cooked it a little more. Guess what?  I. do. not. like. Uncooked Millet. But cooked millet is just dandy. And that is all I have to say about that.

This last week has been crazy at work and at home.So crazy,  I have worn the same outfit everyday for the past seven days (I am not kidding). It is a hippie skirt with a soft cotton top—more comfy than pajamas and required no brain work after the first day of wearing it. It worked out so well for me, I am thinking about implementing a “weekly outfit plan.” Oh yes, same “Amish” hair style everyday too.


I didn’t cook anything new this week, I relied on my old favorites (black bean soup, African stew, ratatouille, enchiladas—I like them best with option #2 sauce etc). However I did learn something that will come in handy for all of us. Taco Time has an awesome Veggie wrap. That is right I said Taco Time. I know this because every Friday me, my two sisters and mom have lunch. We take turns providing lunch.  The first time my vegetarian sister had to provide, it was sweet, sweet justice to see the look of panic on her face when she realized she was going to have to come up with something for a vegan. She went vegetarian years ago amongst meat eaters and before it was en vogue and feeding her was always stressful, so we usually just gave her the same thing we were eating, minus the meat—not healthy .


Last week it was my youngest sister’s turn and she introduced me to:


Veggie Burrito

A soft whole-wheat tortilla wrapped around refried pinto beans, seasoned rice, cheddar cheese, sour cream, lettuce, salsa fresca and roasted sunflower seeds. Big flavor in a big burrito. (I had it sans sour cream and cheese).

I have found several sources that list Taco Time’s refried beans as vegan, but I have emailed Taco Time for verification. Stand-by for answers from the horse’s mouth. This inspired me to create my own wraps with refried beans for me and grandma the next day for lunch—I think mine were better. But I am so glad to know I can grab something at Taco Time when I am having a “Somer” day.

My mom also gave me my very own jar of her homemade poppy seed dressing, which I love. I am going to experiment with ways to eliminate the oil, but in the meantime it does make my salads oh so delicious, and as chef AJ says, “we want our salads to be delicious.”

Mom’s Poppy seed dressing

(I took pictures of this, but the pic sort of made it look like poo and ‘nobody likes this”)

1 cup olive oil

½ cup sweetener (my mom just uses sugar)

1/3 cup apple cider vinegar

1 T poppy seed

1 T grated onion

1 t salt

1 t dry mustard

Method: blend everything together until it is thick.

3 thoughts on “My sincerest apologies to Millet

  1. Glad you made up with Millet! I used to love that veggie burrito, I totally forgot about it and now need to revisit it! Oh and the burger king veggie burger, so not vegan. Live and learn :/ My 8 year old was lurking behind me while reading your post, she saw your first photo and said, “who is that?” I said “It’s Carolyn” she said, “that lady looks too old to be Carolyn”. So I scrolled down and showed her your second photo, she said “now that looks like Carolyn” Apparently she likes you better with your hair down. Too funny.

  2. oh, Carolyn, old and lady all in the same sentence?! So sad. I want to vow to banish the amish do forever, but it would be a lie.

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