Something Oh-So-Delicious

So I made something yummy tonight.  So yummy that I couldn’t help but smile in satisfaction and everyone in the house ate two plates full.  Coolest part, I actually made up the recipe.  I don’t make up recipes.  I destroy made up recipes more often than not.

But here’s the problem: they are NOT vegan.  So delicious I want to share but my dear blogging friends have gone crazy vegan on me!  🙂

Here’s the challenge friends….

Can you make these vegan and still tasty?  Feel free to amend and report!

Whole Wheat Coconut Milk Crepes

2 cups WW flour
1 cup white flour (or 3 WW pastry flour?  I was all out)
3 cups coconut milk
*8 eggs* (non-vegan ingredient)
pinch sea salt

Mix together one ingredient at a time, in order.  Lightly grease skillet with coconut oil.  Flip away.

The ww flour makes them a little thicker than the average crepe but they are still thinner than a heavy wheat pancake.  The eggs make them a bit fluffy.

We ate these in 2 rounds, it’s becoming a tradition.  Round one: savory.  Round two: sweet.

Round one

Cherry tomatoes, halved
Feta cheese
Crumbled Bacon

Round Two

Berry Sauce– Made by filling a small sauce pan with mixed berries, vanilla agave nectar to taste and a bit of cinnamon.  Cook down on medium.  Divine
Slivered Almonds
Kiwi, cut in chunks (we love bananas on round two but my 2-year-old attacked them earlier in the day)

We didn’t have any in house, but cream cheese (vegan or non) would be a tasty addition.  Or whipped cream.  Mmm.

So there it is.  Take it or leave it.  Or even better, eat it.


4 thoughts on “Something Oh-So-Delicious

  1. Ha Ha! I don’t know if crepes can be veganized, though it’s certainly a challenge to consider. methinks their texture, thinness and so forth must come from eggs. Although as you can see with my last post, I have been wrong before 😉

  2. mmmm I love crepes. My favorite way is butter, lemon juice and powdered sugar. As for veganizing, my friend sent me the “Veganomicon” cook book and it has a vegan recipe. I haven’t tried it, but will post as soon as I get a chance. It looks good.

  3. I was wondering about veganized crepes today since Costco has some lovely belgian ones already made and I was tempted for S’s birthday. I know that french toast does NOT veganize well, so we’ll have to see what crepes do with some experimenting.

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