Virtual Vegan Potluck – Beverage: Frosty Strawberry Lemonade with Mint

It’s Somer Saturday and the Virtual Vegan Potluck! I am so proud of Annie at for putting this shindig together! Isn’t she the best!?!

You can’t get a much more refreshing combo than strawberries, lemons and mint. Somehow together they make a magical frosty drink that is tart with just a hint of sweetness, Most of the sweetness comes from the strawberries, just the way I like it! This is also lovely because it comes together in no time.

Frosty Strawberry Lemonade with Mint

 3 C. fresh or frozen strawberries

1/4 C. freshly squeezed lemon juice

1 long strip of lemon zest (use your vegetable peeler) and go around the lemon once to get a strip

5-6 mint leaves

1 packet Truvia, or natural sweetener to taste

1 C. water (2 C. if using frozen strawberries)

2 C. ice (omit if using frozen strawberries)

Blend in high-powered blender until all bits are obliterated. Share, because this is a potluck, or not 😉

I drank most of it down then remembered I might need a photo of the finished product. If making for a real potluck, quadruple the recipe, just not all at once, because your blender will send debris of strawberry and lemon everywhere. Serve in a fancy punch bowl adorned with lemon and strawberry wedges.

Go back to see what awesome beverage Bacon is Not an Herb has brought to the table.

Go forward to see something amazingly refreshing at Tearoom Delights

To start at the beginning of the potluck, click here. Enjoy the virtual feast!!!

And a last but not least thanks to our host website: VeganBloggersUnite!

53 thoughts on “Virtual Vegan Potluck – Beverage: Frosty Strawberry Lemonade with Mint

  1. What a cool recipe. If you don’t have a packet of sweetener, how much do you think that would be say using Agave? Like a teaspoon and a half or so? Thank you for the kind shout out. I’d love to host a post on VBU if you’d like? Let me know. Thanks! L.

    • I think 1 packet truvia replaces 2 t. sugar. Agave is sweeter than sugar so 1.5 t. sounds exactly right! I would love to have you host a post! I will get back to you soon. hugs! -Somer

  2. Great recipe! So perfect for summer. Thanks for participating in this virtual potluck – I am so enjoying it.

    • Isn’t it great, I think I want to convince Annie to do it quarterly!!! I’m loving it. Glad you like the frosty strawberry lemonade!

    • Yeah! Thanks! It’s totally flexible too, use whatever fruit you have on hand, peaches, blackberries, apricots. All will be delish!

    • Our strawberries were fresh and drippingly ripe, hence the need for less sweetener 😉 Glad you are back home in the land of the living. Sending love and hugs your way. xoxo

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      • Blendtec definitely thought of Blog-marketing when they put their name on the jar. The Vitamix isn’t so fortunate, but on that note, we made blueberry-mint lemonade last night. i have yet to try some combo of berry with lemon/lime and mint that isn’t fantastic. Can we just have a whole section dedicated to frosty minty fruit drinks?

      • We must! Erika made it with the costco frozen berry blend too. I have to remind myself I need green drinks and not drink it all day long. I was going to try mango mint lemonade last night but D just said that was weird. Now that he’s at work, I’m totally making it for lunch. Mmm, lettuce wrapped veggie burgers, hummus and mango mint lemonade. You should come over!

        I never thought about the Blendtec with the name on the jar, but you’re totally right. They get lots o advertising out of that one.

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