To Read: For our Mothers

All of use here at GCF are mothers. We are trying our darndest to be good ones, but nobody gave us a manual and the “expert” advice continues to change weekly. Sleep on tummies or backs, low-fat or low-carb, rear facing until one or two, bottle or breast, thumb or pacifier, working mom or stay-at-home mom? There always seems to be some new advice that demands our adherence, or ELSE! In the last 40 years, all “truth” has been turned on its head when it comes to raising children, and so, today, we thank our mothers who somehow managed to keep us alive despite using what might now be considered “outdated” advice and backwards methods.

As any of us could tell you, the experts probably don’t have children of their own and as we have learned from our mothers, motherly intuition knows best nearly ALL of the time.

So, today especially, MOMS! (of all types) we thank you and honor you, whether we ate boxed macaroni and cheese or fresh baked bread (or both); whether we worked in the garden and harvested food or thought apples came from shelves on the store; whether you loved us first in your womb or in your heart; and whether you knew it or not, you helped shape who we are today and helped us develop the tools we need to protect our own families and raise and feed our own children, standing as lionesses at the gates of our own homes.


4 thoughts on “To Read: For our Mothers

  1. Beautiful post Amanda! Reading that attachment now. Happy Mother’s day and thanks for being a lovely maternal/sister substitute and listening to me these last few months when I’ve had questions that I couldn’t call my mom or sisters about 😉 xoxo

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