Eating the Wasatch: A new featurette

I admit it, this is a totally selfish endeavor. Most of us at GCF live on the Wasatch Front and have to eat out sometimes. If you can believe it, there is no comprehensive database of dining options for “people like us” for the Wasatch Front and Back. I hate to use the word Vegan because that’s not exactly what this is about, but it is about finding the best option for a whole-foods, plant-based diet wherever you might find yourself, even if that somewhere makes you chose between three different drive-thrus.

I call it a “featurette” since, like it or not, we cannot cover the entire Wasatch Front and Back in the next few months, or maybe even ever, but when we find something, we’ll be posting a quick review and what we found to eat, and then linking it on our “Eating the Wasatch” page. We’ll obviously hit the standard vegetarian and vegan restaurants, but we’ll also hit places like BBQ joints and Italian restaurants and the taco stands, just to see what we can rustle up. Did you know Pat’s BBQ actually has some options for you? It might take some asking and cajoling, maybe even begging, but won’t it be worth it?

Until we really get going, Yelp and Urbanspoon aren’t bad options. We’ll keep you posted if you’ll keep checking back!

If you would like us to visit your restaurant or have a special request, shoot us an email!


5 thoughts on “Eating the Wasatch: A new featurette

  1. SO fabulous! I ate at Betos the other day (alvaros, betos and many others are really the same restaurant with different names) Would you believe they were out of beans? So I had them make me a burrito with potatoes, rice, guacamole, lettuce and salsa verde. Not entirely sure it was animal product free, but it was way tastier than I anticipated and they were more than happy to accommodate me. Love it!

  2. Oh and the Roxberry’s in Alpine and American Fork have MULTIPLE GREEN SMOOTHIES on the menu and are serving wheat grass shots as well. They have an option to add vegan brown rice protein to your smoothie. Radical. Shall post on that soon! Maybe we can even call in and interview managers to get the best scoop…? Get local ads on the blog?

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea. A stroke of genius. Can’t wait to see what is found!
    Had some yummy Greek Dolmades in the self serve olive section at Harmons today- made with rice, chickpeas, lemon and garlic. Super tasty, just wish they were made with brown rice instead of white.

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