Dangerously Delicious Snacking

I have a new love.

A dangerous passion.

I can’t have them in the house because I lack self control when they are around…


Honey roasted peanuts coated in wasabi paste. The ultimate creation where sweet, salty, fatty and spicy create the flavor explosion dreamed of in the likes of “Ratatouille.”

A colorful combination reminiscent of a perfectly planned fireworks finale.

Delicious. Yet dangerous. And highly recommended.


9 thoughts on “Dangerously Delicious Snacking

  1. Where can those be found round here? I could definitely use something along those lines, something that looks a lot less like a treat than everything I keep finding.

  2. Ohhhhh. I’m a recovering wasabi pea junkie. The only thing that cured me was to have them too close to ripening bananas in a travel bag for a few days. I bet the peanuts would be more resilient though…. and I have a trip coming up….

  3. I did a bit of sleuthing and found this site http://www.nutsinbulk.com/wasabi-peanuts-4-pound.html that has wasabi peanuts in bulk. There is a code “Bulk” for a 5% discount. Or you can buy $750 of nuts and get free shipping?!? Who does that? (No offense intended if you do.)

    They have 4 lbs for $14.95 plus $12 shipping or 10 lbs for $32.95 plus $14 shipping. Maybe go in on a group order? My darker side may completely lose control with a full 10 lbs in the house. Pretty sure that 10 lbs would quickly land on my tail end.

    Planning on hitting the local asian mart and pricing out before making any online purchases.

    Also found this product on Amazon, may have to try these next: http://www.amazon.com/Hapi-Snacks-Sriracha-Garlic-Coated/dp/B002VC5JDI/ref=sr_1_12?s=grocery&ie=UTF8&qid=1337055174&sr=1-12

    PS- Bat crap is called guano (courtesy of Shahzad.)

    • Lets go with the Asian Market. I have no intention of spending $750 on nuts and a bulk order would also add bulk to my tail end. Guano, Ha Ha!

  4. Pirate O’s has Wasabi Peanuts, but these are a raw peanut with a thicker wasabi coating. Told them they were missing out. 😉
    Asain market this week on a post-birthday outing?

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