What would you do

On a weekend retreat?

We ate like kings,


did yoga 


Did more yoga by the fountain outside


tried to take a picture of us together


drank green smoothies


Went hiking


Did yoga while we were hiking–actually this picture is of me freaking out because when I got into this tricky pose the hair on my arm started jumping and making a noise like a Geiger counter–I could hear it and so could Ivan. The sky was stormy and apparently I was building up an electrical charge. I would like to say we did the adult thing and high-tailed it off the mountain, but we didn’t. Ivan said, do it again so I can video the sound. So I did. 


We also relaxed a lot

My husband’s brother and sister-in-law have been renting a “second home” on an Indian reservation in New Mexico.It is on 25 acres of land and an hour from the nearest store. My husband, Ivan,  took me there this past weekend. Before we left I had a little anxiety over food until I decided to do what I do best and just take charge. I planned our meals, made a grocery list and put the spices in ziplocks with the name of the dish printed on it and threw it, with the recipe, in my suitcase. I chose enchiladas, Ratatouille and Mediterranean tofu scramble.

As soon as we got off the plane we went straight to Costco and loaded up on fresh veggies and fruit, despite the overflowing cart of food, my husband was terrified that we were going to starve. I said, “look how much food we have,”  but he just eyed the fresh fruits and veggies with skepticism and terror. To make him feel better I bought some sliced turkey breast at Costco and told him he could eat it straight from the bag if he felt hungry.  He also bought some tilapia—just in case

When we got to the house we were both hungry so I made us a quick veggie wrap complete with BBQ sauce, like Somer taught me, and sliced us some fruit. We ate like kings the entire weekend. We were both so stuffed we ended up leaving behind almost half of what we bought. One night Ivan did cook a piece or two of the tilapia but he was so stuffed we ended up freezing the bulk of it.  The turkey breast?  Unopened. In the freezer.

The Ratatouille didn’t even get touched we had so much to eat. I couldn’t bare to throw it out, so I made us two “rat” sandwiches (my husband gave them that name) for the plane and put the rest into a gallon ziplock and stuffed it into my suitcase. Oh yes I did.


My husband was sure a gallon bag of Rat was going to get us stopped going through airport security but I guess a gallon ziplock of Rat is more common than we thought.

So no new recipes to share, but maybe a new food travel strategy for you.

Have you taken Rat through security?


5 thoughts on “What would you do

  1. I am so in love with you right now! What a wonderful retreat. Rat in the suitcase is SOOO cracking me up! You guys AND your green smoothies are adorable!!!


    p.s. you look hot doing your yoga poses!

  2. Envy, envy!! That looks like a wonderful retreat and I pretty much think I need one – food included! Isn’t it lovely that plants can fill you up and help you feel wonderful? people still ask – so what do you eat? I eat everything and feel great afterward. They don’t usually have the same response.

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