To Read: Soul Food: Spirituality and Nutrition

So much of the information that guides my choices in life comes from what I learn. So much of what I learn comes from either experience or from reading now that my “formal” education has ended (or is a least on hold for the foreseeable future). The experience portion of my education involves things like figuring out how to do things while holding a fussy baby, or weeding one-handed, or learning to control my temper when all fiery torment seems to have broken out around me with screaming and fighting amongst my children, or learning patience as I find myself in situations I never would have imagined for myself.

These are all VERY good things to learn, but sometimes they lack the cerebral nature that occupied so much of my life prior to motherhood. So, as you can imagine, I find other sources of information to supplement my experiences. I have dreams of things I will do in my future life and things I imagine I would love to do but may never have the chance for. So I read about them.

Indulge me as I share fabulous articles or stories or books with you as my “education” relates to food. I came across this one the other day, and it’s short so scan it quickly if you must but read it thoroughly if you can. She concludes with five guiding principles that totally apply to the food experiences I want to be having, and I love the cultural and spiritual background she provides that frames those principles.

Soul Food: Spirituality and Nutrition

By Lisa Turner, Huffington Post

1. Eat mindfully, being aware of the food and your body.
2. Eat for the purpose of nourishing your body; treat your body as a temple.
3. Eat only fresh, clean, light foods, avoiding foods that are processed or canned.
4. Eat only what you need, without overeating or binging on food.
5. Eat for the purpose of bettering yourself spiritually.


4 thoughts on “To Read: Soul Food: Spirituality and Nutrition

  1. Thanks for sharing. I often think that we as a culture have learned…. decided…. believe? that food should always be tasty, wonderful, delicious, etc. The notion that primarily it should be nourishing, and possibly nourishing on several levels is not one that I hear often. I think it would do us all some good : )

  2. My nickname should be Queen Munch-a-lot. Much to learn on the mindful eating front, this may need to be my next read. Is it your own copy or a library find? (Translation- can I borrow it when you’re done?) 🙂

  3. Correct, Food is more than simply fuel. Really,It is very useful. I was finding this

    kind of article since 2 to 4 weeks but this is the first onel food.

    Thanks for sharing this informatics blog.

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