ETW: Jason’s Deli

We live just down the street from a Jason’s Deli – I know, it’s a chain and not everyone loves that, but we take what we can get around here. We love that they use fresh ingredients and the kids meals are not only affordable but relatively healthy. In fact, I used the bag the other day to collect lettuce, spinach and garlic scapes from the garden and thought it pretty fun that the bag said “REAL FOOD” on it. The menu has “V”s next to everything that is vegetarian, but as we have quickly learned, that means cheese and possibly mayo. BUT, and that’s a good but, they are really good at substituting. The new girl took it really slow and the people in line behind us were moderately annoyed, but we got what we wanted and will probably go back again because it was TASTY!

Here is the menu. And here is what we ordered:

  • 2 identical kids meals – Peanut butter and jelly on wheat, with apples (that looked disgusting), and apple juice. Lots of those ingredients were organic, if that matters to you.
  • Freshca Sandwich – not on the regular menu, but ever so tasty. I think it had tomatoes, spinach, artichoke hearts and pesto (probably not 100% vegan), on herbed foccacia. It usually has asiago cheese on it, but we subbed in mushrooms for that, which were fantastic.
  • Zucchini Grillini – ordered with no cheese and extra hummus. It was good but small, and the hummus a touch spicy with the double dose. I might sub something else onto it next time.

There are a few other menu items you could get away with and if staying in, the Salad Bar had a pretty good variety of goodness. I presume most things could be made without meat, namely salads and wraps.

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