ETW: Omar’s Rawtopia (a partial)


My husband said at least $4.50 of that was for the LOVE alone.

If you haven’t watched this yet, pause now for 8 minutes of absolute hilarity (hopefully) and WATCH THIS, then finish reading this post. You will thank me after you watch it another 8 times (it’s one of those that gets funnier and funnier each time, even if it’s not funny the first time).

Omar’s Rawtopia is the original raw restaurant in Utah. A few others have popped up recently, but this one is the real deal. It has a varied past and I heard it closed for awhile, but what do I know? I’m new to this whole thing. Unlike Somer, I haven’t ventured fully into a raw diet for any length of time longer than one meal intentionally, but my chiropractor’s Office Manager (assistant/front desk/babysitter/all-around-awesomeness) said it’s her favorite restaurant. Ever.

One night, while waiting to pick up dinner from O’Falafel (one day I’ll link this to my O’Falafel testimonial/review, but not tonight), we stopped off at Omar’s to pick up a slice of Chocolate Fruit Cream Pie.

Chocolate Fruit Crème Pie $8
A creamy Chocolate Pie with pieces of fruit drizzled
with strawberry or raspberry sauce, and love.

Can I just be honest here? I was horrified to spend $8.61 on this (What in the freak just happened?):

It’s fair to say that I’m a bit cheap thrifty. That is a lot of money for … DESSERT! And it was smashed in a little container and my son asked for a second one (I don’t blame him, it looked remarkably small), and I tried to very politely sneak my way out of the body odor scented, dread-locked location as quickly as possible. I still don’t look the role of hippie-vegan chick – working on it?

We picked up the rest of our dinner, drove up the canyon, stuffed ourselves silly, and finally got ready to eat dessert. Upon opening the suspicious container, we found this, which was more appealing than the opaque container would let on:

We fought over it. Every last bite. And we sent the kids to play so we could fight over it ourselves, my husband and I. And we had to eat fast what with a compostable fork and all. I didn’t want it to dissolve or anything before we finished! It was amazing. But still, I looked at my husband to ask – was it worth $8.61? Like he said, $4.50 worth was the love alone.

I have yet to try anything else on the menu. The reviews on Yelp and Urbanspoon lead me to believe I’ll be starving 45 minutes later, which for a nursing mom is a bit scary, and the prices – while I know they’re totally worth it for what goes into the food and preparation, but like I said, I’m cheap thrifty. Omar’s is one of those totally legit, eat anything on the menu and feel awesome, full vegan/raw/organic restaurants. When I’m rich or really motivated, I’ll eat there all the time, but for now, it’s a fantastic treat. FANTASTIC!

14 thoughts on “ETW: Omar’s Rawtopia (a partial)

  1. I love Rawtopia!! Do yourself a favor and go back for a full meal. Yes, it’s pricey, but the care that goes into the food and the creativity of the dishes make it worth every penny! Everything I’ve eaten there has been fantastic and the flavors…out of this world. And I’ve never felt deprived later. This is REAL food and your body knows it and loves it! By the way, also have enjoyed O’Falafels. It was a good place to go w/ my brother, a devoted carnivore, because we could both eat something that made us happy.

    • We love o’falafel! But I think we’ve started over-doing it since we’re running out of other tasty options and we love their falafel (our usual with lots of hot sauce), but we tried the Mena’ish Za’atar last time – totally simple but SOOO fantastic. Maybe Omar’s tonight since my husband is getting tired of our usual options …

      • Just had dinner from Omar’s…still hungry? Delicious, but hungry still. I am a bottomless pit though. My husband is good, but he ate a huge lunch – I ate a mom lunch (read: Did I even eat lunch?) We’ll blame that …

  2. ok, I totally needed to watch that! Laughed until I cried and nearly peed! HAVE to eat at OMARS. Awesome review.

      • He just wants us to be sure there is a LOT of love involved. I’ll let you know if I feel it when we try it on a more thorough level.

      • That’s good, because I’m pretty sure there was a lot of frustration that went into a cooked meal that went to a neighbor and that I fed to my family. I didn’t eat it, but I’m positive it didn’t taste as good as a meal prepared with real love 😉

        I’m sure you will feel it if you eat there. How can you not? 😉

  3. Love Omar. Rawtopia outing when school gets out? That dessert looks divine. And you can’t go wrong with a little KidHistory. 😉

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