Foodie Pen Pal: May

Foodie Pen Pal strikes again! 

My post is a double post, meaning double the yummy finds as Pam, the sweet gal I shipped to, doesn’t have her own blog and asked to have it posted here.  So here we go:

Received package of deliciousness from Rachel:

#1: A beautiful black tea with apricot and ginger.  While I am not a black tea drinker, my sister is, and with her wedding only 6 weeks away she can use a happy, healthy pick-me-up.  Forwarding this one to her!  🙂

#2:  Dark chocolate with almonds.  Enough said.  Gone in minutes.

#3:  Country choice organic soft cookies:  A great treat for my kiddos on the run!  I don’t buy packaged cookies often, but these were soft as promised and just sweet enough, individually packaged so they travel easy and I don’t have the option of eating them all!

#4:  Canadian Farms Organic Blackberry Fruit Spread- A tasty change from our homemade jams with strawberries, peaches and pears.  Love the dark berries, it helps us get more purple in our diet.  🙂

#5:  So excited about the Wasabi Edamame!  We have already touched on my obsession with things wasabe, so this was an unexpected surprise.  Best thing of all, it came during allergy season.  8 of these babies at once and my sinuses are cleared.  SO AWESOME.

Thank you so much Rachel, you’re the best!!!

Now for Pam’s package (picture and her entry):

It was my lucky day when Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean matched me with Erika to be her Foodie PenPal for May. Despite the many miles that separate us, Erika was able to put together a perfect package for me after a brief introductory email. A family member’s recent diabetes diagnosis has fueled my new interest in whole grains and Erika introduced me to organic quinoa. She heard my plea for artificial sweetener substitutes and sent agave nectar, wild honey and Truvia, which I have found to all be excellent for coffee, tea and plain Greek yogurt.
The stress-relieving tea and snacks came in so handy during the recent chaos of graduation parties and house guests and I chose not to share the yummy mint truffle made in Utah with anyone! Thank you, Erika! May was a terrific pen pal month!
Pam “Journey” from Virginia


3 thoughts on “Foodie Pen Pal: May

  1. Foodie Pen Pals rock! So glad you had a great experience!!! Looks like you got and gave out AMAZING stuff!

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