Tasty Tuesday Series – Ragnar on the Brain

It’s Tasty Tuesday and while I’m eating lots of tasty foods, I have Ragnar, packing, planning and nervousness on the brain and I can’t focus long enough to take photos or give you any real recipes. But I can offer you some running inspiration in the form of these books (in order of recommendation).

One of my all time favorite reads. Re-reading it right now, laughing my butt off and guzzling chia drinks like a Tarahumara. Radical.

Autobiography of my favorite Vegan super-athlete, Scott Jurek

 Plant Based eating’s newest superhero! I haven’t read this yet, but it arrived on my doorstep via Amazon this week. His name makes me laugh because I can’t think about it without thinking of the Rick Rolled sensation on youtube. Hehe.

And because I can’t really give you a Tasty Tuesday without a recipe, here is a vegan version of  Steve’s Tasty Trail Mix.

Steve’s Tasty Ragnar Trail Mix

Equal amounts vegan m&m’s, raisins and roasted salted cashews. I know, simple eh, but hey look at Steve, it works for him…..

Until Saturday then 😉

10 thoughts on “Tasty Tuesday Series – Ragnar on the Brain

    • I barely cracked it open, but read some preview bits online. I just love the man, he is incredible, so the book is bound to be as well!

  1. Dude, Steve. Rockstar. I want to borrow Finding Ultra when you are done!!! Putting Eat & Run on hold at the library now. I still remember chuckling hysterically sitting on the couch by myself reading Born to Run- SO AWESOME. 2 more days!!!! Oh, and Whole Foods has the Vega Sport, but now they have like 20 other VegaSport products too. Picked up one of their gels for you if you want it.

    • I think we all wish we could look a little more like Steve…. I will totally let you borrow it! BTW I own the Eat & Run as well.

      Born to run RULES!

      I would love to try the gel. I am sure vega products are awesome. I just have a million clif shots floating around here that need to be used up 😉

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