Tattle Tale

I am regressing to elementary school behavior for a second.  Amanda is cooking up some amazing vegan food and not sharing.  Vegan Parmesan, portobello burgers in her own marinade, salad dressings, cookies, pineapple coconut larabars…  There.  I said it.  Someone had to.  You’ve been outed Amanda!  Neener-neener-nee-ner.


3 thoughts on “Tattle Tale

    • They’re in my head. Pancho doesn’t let me take pictures or put him down and it’s summer camp and well, I’m tired. My kids are not well (healthy, but not well, if you know what I mean). The pineapple larabars are easy though … instead of bananas, 1 1/3 c. freeze-dried pineapple (which nobody has on hand but me), 1/2 c. shredded unsweetened coconut and a dash of coconut extract. Make Erika share – I made some for Ragnar.

      • Ok, ok. I get it 😉 she told me you made the bars for Ragnar. Thanks! I thought you were maybe mad at me or something for high-jacking your blog 😉 Lets all get together at the farm or something AFTER this crazy week.

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