ETW: O’Falafel

This post could be subtitled: “And Why I Can Never Eat There Again and the Most Expensive Lunch I’ve Ever Had.”

Yes, that is the wrong beginning about a place whose food I love, adore, and repeatedly consume. My husband and I love O’Falafel. We love their food and everything about the place. In fact, for my husband’s birthday lunch today, he requested this specially. O’Falafel is located in Sugarhouse in Salt Lake, not too far from Omar’s. It’s terribly authentic I have to assume based on the usual customers.

We always get the vegan falafel sandwich ($6.45) with extra hot sauce (DO NOT BE WITHOUT THIS like we did once in the picture above) on the side, and you can get it in a whole wheat pita – they make them there, I think. I have also recently discovered the Mena’ish Za’atar which I love MOST of all, but it seems a bit pricy ($4.45) for a pita with herbs, sesame seeds and olive oil. We have also tried the Majadareh ($10.95) which failed to impress me, as well as the Fool, again, unimpressive. Matt tried the Falafel Burger once, but quickly returned to the Falafel in a pita. I figure, if it’s named O’Falafel, why bother with anything else? And just so you know, their french fries are tolerable, my kids love them, but I think that’s why they’re on the menu. And check the menu, since everything with a (*) next to it can be or is vegan – MARVELOUS!!

But trust me, just get the Falafel sandwich with plenty of hot sauce (when we stay and eat, we use a half a bottle between us) and you’ll be happy.

Now as concerns the subtitle. Be forewarned – the parking lot is tricky to negotiate, especially for a minivan and at lunch with three screaming kids in the car, just don’t go there, even for your husband’s birthday. As I tried to negotiate the parking lot and yuppie dude took my parking spot, I bumped another car with mine and wanted to curl up and cry. But since everyone else in the car was, I couldn’t. Instead, I left a note that I’d scratched their car and to call me to work it out. I pulled into the handicapped spot, ran in, paid for our food, and the kind girl behind the counter told me she’d bring it out to my car as soon as it was ready. We took our lunch out to Matt’s work, went to the park, tried to enjoy lunch though my kids are a hot, sticky mess these days and there was a lot of fussing.

I checked my phone when I left the park. Don’t worry, the car I bumped belonged to the lovely girl who’d been kind enough to bring my food out to me when it seemed all heck was breaking loose. Worst part, she was so nice about it and I feel terrible. Therefore, I will be paying to fix her car and can probably never eat there again for the shame of it all.

But you should go there, because honestly, I love it. I love the food and I am sad that I will be too embarrassed to set foot in there again for a long, long time.


7 thoughts on “ETW: O’Falafel

  1. What a fiasco! Thank goodness it was a nice girl not a super crank. Looks so yummy, I think a summer outing may be in order. We can park a block away and walk in.

    • Will you pick up my food for me? Not sure I can show my face, but it’s really close to Sugarhouse Park anyway, so need to do that rather than eat inside anyway. Hope your running is going fabulously!

      • Can I join in the O’falafel/sugar house park luncheon? I will pick it up…..!

        Oh man, so sorry about the wreck. That royally sucks!!! On another note, happy birthday to M!!! Has everyone in your family had a birthday recently? Did I miss yours?

  2. O ‘Manda! Dad and I are weeping for you, and all because you wanted to do something wonderful for Matt. Too bad it had to happen on his day. Love you and can feel your wallet’s pain.

  3. Your posts have the best humor, if I could only be a fly on the wall during one of your roadtrips “everyone was crying therefore I couldn’t” – I hope Matt enjoyed his Birthday Lunch!

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