Saggy Buns

The quest for a yummy, nutritious, cruelty free hot dog bun has been a frustrating and at times seemingly impossible task. I did find one brand at Walmart that was full of garbage but it was vegan so I let Andrew have it for an occasional treat, but they no longer carry it. I bought some at WholeFoods for a ridiculous price that were absolutely disgusting. I wouldn’t even feed them to my dogs (I let the chickens have them). Then I decided to try and make my own, I have seen my mom make rolls, I figured same principles apply so I whipped up a batch of sour dough and got this


Saggy Buns

Oso liked them


Andrew did too, they tasted fine, but they were not a good hot dog bun. The quest was put on hold last week when I  went to DC and NYC on business. I had to work from my hotel room, but the view was incredible


I did take a break or two 🙂


I have a friend back east that  also went plant based in Feb, she is a nurse and planted one of the seeds that grew into my own conversion and she introduced me to two new loves. One has Andrew’s stamp of approval, the other I ate before he had a chance to taste,  let alone stamp.

Sticky Fingers cookies. The owner/creator won cupcake wars two years in a row and she has a cookbook, which is on its way to my house.

 Ozery Morning rounds Andrew approved.


$3.99 for 6 rounds. These are so soft and chewy and filling and delicious and Andrew approved. My friend bought me two bags to take home, I accidentally ate them all before I even made it to NYC, so I went on a hunt to NYC Whole Foods—they weren’t there, thankfully I found them in Utah. As I cleared the shelves, I noticed they also make—you guessed it—a hot dog bun. Delicious. Andrew approved. 



10 thoughts on “Saggy Buns

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  2. When I saw this post in my email I thought that Erika had posted it….Over the weekend we had a conversation about the other type of “saggy buns” Haha! Glad you found one Andrew likes! Now what I want to know is what in the heck kind of vegan hot dog are you eating, because I tried a couple when I first went vedge and had to toss them they were so gross!?!

    Glad you had a fun trip! Can’t wait to connect in person soon!

    • I have that kind too, and considered posting a pic of them, but decided against it. We love the Yves Veggie Cuisine, The Good Dog and Lightlife Smart Dogs

      • Haha! I know, it’s swimsuit season, and it terrifies me! I need to re-try vegan hot dogs, because I think the brands I tried are listed above. Maybe I was too fresh off the carnivore diet to appreciate them. 😉

  3. Hahha saggy buns, I totally though this was heading in a completely different direction 🙂 Did you get the chance to go to Sticky Fingers in DC – so GOOD!

    The morning rounds look incredible, who could blame you for eating the lot before getting home 🙂

    • i didn’t make it to her bakery, but I did get the cowvin cookies and ate them all. My sticky fingers cookbook should be here tomorrow! I can’t believe I am just discovering sticky fingers now. I go to DC several times a year!

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