Somer Saturday – Out Running Ragnar

It’s Somer Saturday and I’m running the Ragnar Relay Wasatch Back with some of my best friends. Here are some photos from last year’s Ragnar for you to enjoy until I post again on Tuesday. For those of you wondering, “What the heck is a Ragnar?” Read this post and be enlightened.

Do you Ragnar?


14 thoughts on “Somer Saturday – Out Running Ragnar

    • Yes and yes 😉 We thought about you too while we were eating your lovingly prepared pineapple coconut home-made larabar concoction! Sooo good! Thank you! Maybe next year you could run it too? Hint hint, nudge nudge, wink wink 😉

      Erika’s dream would be to have us be a plant-powered ultra chick team. I think I would need to drink Scott Jurek’s blood and become him before that ever happened. Plant based is awesome, but it hasn’t made me faster or more hardcore….

      Did you know he ran Wasatch Back solo a few years back? I saw him flying by and everyone was screaming “ULTRA” Pure worship!

    • Dude, those porta potty dudes followed us the whole race last year with their suction device. GROSS.

      I run several half marathons every year, but Ragnar tops them in the fun department by a million!

  1. Somer you and your mates must have felt so good to finish this Ragnar race. Great photos and beautiful scenery… very inspiring 🙂 well done !!!

    • Thanks! Ragnar is my favorite race I do every year. Hard to beat the company and the scenery! Plus it’s quite an accomplishment to finish a 200 mile race in 30 something hours, even if it is a relay 😉

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