ETW: The Red Iguana

So, at least one restaurant is famed throughout Utah (and beyond) in ALL circles, not just the crazy plant eating folks. It is regularly listed as one of Utah’s best restaurants: Yelp, City Weekly, Urbanspoon. We think it’s a fun place to take out of town guests, especially those from East of here, where Mexican food still isn’t terribly common. And The Red Iguana is so successful, they had to open another location a few blocks away. And they aren’t successful for their fabulous decor or prime location either – it’s all about the food for them.  And it’s authentic (7 kinds of mole, 6 of which are vegan, 4 that are Gluten-Free), affordable, and oh, so, tasty. Both locations are just west of downtown SLC and pretty easy to get to. Red Iguana #2, at least, has free valet due to tight parking availability and count on a wait, regardless of when you go.

We’ve been several times, most recently with another couple, to the second location. They are totally savvy to vegan requests (it’s rumored they’re working on updating their menu with vegan indicators) and the atmosphere is fun. I will say, like many hip joints, it’s loud, probably too loud since we were shouting at each other across a four-top and Pancho could NOT relax despite being used to two VERY loud siblings.

But back to the food. Any of the 6 vegan moles can be ordered with Veggies which is what my husband usually does – super good, and I get the veggie chimi or fajitas, but there are even MORE options. I found this on their facebook page:

OK, Veganistas: ALL moles over veggies cept Almendras (cuz of milk) are Vegan! Veggie fajitas good to go. Guac, & the following w/o chez: beans, refried & black, spanish rice, veggie chiimichanga w/o chez/sourCream, enmoladas, dinner salad, sopa de frijol negro w/o cream, rajas de chile poblano w/o chez, can do bean/rice guac tacos, burros, tostadas w mole on the side. Will have V, VV & G/F designations on new menus. Thanx for all the input!

So, props to Red Iguana. (I had to put this here since I’m always wondering when I get there what to eat.) For their full menu (w/o designations).

9 thoughts on “ETW: The Red Iguana

  1. Holy mole- happy place. I still remember our last outing, so tasty. Didn’t we go without kids? Why haven’t we done that yet again? I think it may be officially time to schedule a veganista girls night out on the town.

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