Path to Peace

This post isn’t really about food, but it is part of my path to recently making “no harm” choices regarding food. Did you know that it takes 53 gallons of water to produce a1/4 lbs burger (heard that this morning on NPR’s Meat Week)? But I digress, back to my path, I was first introduced to yoga working for Novell, 9 years ago. I went to my first class during lunch break thinking I would use it as a weight loss tool, but quickly realized it was much more than what I expected. I was frustrated and felt like a big bull in a china closet my first day (ok, really my first 6 months), but somehow I fell in love. I loved the stress relieving aspects of it and found it also fed my spirit. For the first time in my life I learned to quiet my mind and be present. I have been teaching yoga for 5 years now. I did my teacher training with Dana Baptist in 2007. Yoga has seen me through some of lives most difficult challenges, family cancer, deaths, heart break and heartache. It has been my path to true compassion. It has made me a better friend, mother, sister, daughter, wife–person.

In addition to my day job as a Marketing Director for a large company I teach yoga three times a week. One of those times is a private session with my mother, it is always a high point in my week and I teach twice a week at The Lab in Orem. Sometimes I feel  I probably have too much on my plate, when I am feeling overwhelmed somehow just what I need finds me. This video is my recent inspiration. Whatever brings you peace, don’t let anything, not even your busy life, take it away.



10 thoughts on “Path to Peace

  1. You articulated well why I love yoga and why I miss it so much right now. I love the idea of ahimsa and thanks for the reminder. Life gets so busy, but it’s awesome when we can step back and love that it is busy and live our lives in a way that increases love and joy rather than taking it away.

    • How much do I love this? I was telling a friend yesterday that believing in someone might be what people need to get over that hump to change. I loved this video and now I really want five minutes alone to do yoga without whining or climbing on me!

    • I teach so I don’t lose my practice, if I didn’t have people counting on me I probably wouldn’t make it to the mat very often.

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