Cafe Rio Giveaway Reminder and Month of Prizes

Don’t forget to enter the Cafe Rio Giveaway on this blog! Winners will be announced on Tuesday the 3rd. I’m upping the ante, the grand prize winner will win the magical t-shirt, bumper sticker AND 2 additional free meal cards. Second and Third place winners will receive the magical T-shirts and bumper stickers. Best of Luck!

Stay tuned for a month of prizes… For each post I do in July I will be doing a giveaway. Woot Woot!




16 thoughts on “Cafe Rio Giveaway Reminder and Month of Prizes

    • Sorry to be a fuss pot, but can you enter on the original post? Don’t want any readers crying foul if your name is the one drawn from the hat 😉 xoxo!

      • Sorry friend! You have to comment on the giveaway post and describe why you love Mexican food, speaking of which, red chile quesadillas with pepperjack cashew cheez, onions, tomatoes and bell peppers for lunch today. So in love!

  1. Oh my gosh, I actually LOVE Cafe Rio, but there are none in my area (West coast transplant living in New England for grad school)! My bestie lives in Utah, and she took me to Cafe Rio. There salads are SO delish!

    • New England has a few charms too, but Mexican food is not their strong suit – my husband grew up in Mass and went to school in Upstate so I totally get it! You’ll just have to come visit again!

    • Aw, Sad! The salads are the bomb! Good luck with grad school and hopefully you’ll be back this way some day or a Cafe Rio will open near you!

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