Veggie Dog Meat Analogue Review & July Giveaways!

It’s Tasty Tuesday. Are you ready for a month of Somer Giveaways?

We went up the canyon this week and had our first foray into the veggie dog world. Buying fake packaged processed vegan meat is not something I want to do often, but I can see now that there is an occasional place for these products. We bought Smart Dogs and Tofurky Italian Sausages both products are certified vegan (some veggie meats aren’t: MORNINGSTAR FARMS, always read labels).

 The Smart Dogs had less than 100 calories and 1 gram of fat. Nutrition stats here. These had the texture of cheap traditional hot dogs (as far as I can remember, it’s been a long time AND I used to buy the 100% kosher beef variety), but the flavor wasn’t as smoky, even after being cooked over a fire.  Probably because they didn’t contain nitrates, which is a good thing. However, once in a bun and dressed up with organic ketchup and dijon mustard it was pretty tasty. They charred nicely over the fire.

Now for the Tofurky Italian Sausages

Not super impressed with the nutrition stats on these babies, they had nearly as much fat and calories as the real deal: 270 Calories and 13 Grams of fat Per link. Ew. They were however, somewhat tastier than the Smart Dogs, but likely this is because I adore sun-dried tomatoes and basil. They also browned more evenly.

Blame my husband for buying the white buns, I don’t know how he succeeded in buying ones that were vegan, but they were. So he gets extra points there 😉

Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for:

Grand Prize: 1 magic shirt AND 2 free meal cards: Amber

Runner’s Up: 1 magic shirt each: Suzanna & Welchfamilyadventures

Winners were selected by using the service. Please email your addresses to me at and I will mail you your prizes!

Jealous? Don’t worry, I have another giveaway, like I will for every post I do this month.

I will be giving away 1 bottle of natural insect repellant to 1 lucky winner.

Winner to be announced Tuesday June 10th, 2012.

 Rules of Engagement:

1- You must be a follower of this blog, if you don’t know how to do that, there is a “Follow blog via email” button at the top column to the right. This contest is open to all followers, including International Readers and those too lazy to make their own natural insect repellant.

2- You must like this post (click on the title name of this post, then go to the bottom of the post just above comments and push the like button),

3- You must comment below, telling me your about your favorite camping spot

Warning: this works against Utah Mosquitos, I haven’t however used it in Wisconsin, where I know there are mosquitoes of a saber toothed variety.

 Happy Trails! Stay tuned for Somer Saturday, where I will have a LULULEMON GIVEAWAY!


31 thoughts on “Veggie Dog Meat Analogue Review & July Giveaways!

    • Sounds awesome! Here in Utah, most of the bodies of water near camping site are freezing because they come directly from snow melt off! Thanks for entering!

    • I think he found them at a store called Kohler’s. I wish I had saved the package so I could tell you what brand they were!

  1. I never cared for hot dogs before I went vegetarian/vegan, so the subs have never been that tasty to me either. However, I did hear that Field Roast came out with their own frankfurters, and being a big Field Roast fan, I’m interested in trying them out!

    My fave camping spot? The beach. Particularly Sunset Beach, near Santa Cruz, CA. There’s nothing like listening to waves crashing while you fall asleep. Or watching dolphins play in the water while you make dinner. So fun!

    • Ohhh, I’ve never tried field roast. We bought veggie crumbles and boca burgers once or twice, but this was our first foray into the hot dog world. Now I gotta find the field roast dogs for our next camping trip.

      I think you may have the best camping spot yet!

  2. Wooohoo! This is officially the second thing I have won online. I love it! And I love me some Terrashield!
    My favorite camping spot is ANYWHeRE! Really, just get me in a tent.

  3. My favorite sausage is Field Roast Italian. They also make a Mexican Chipotle version.

    My favorite place to camp would be the Utah Green Valley Spa. Hey, they offer daily hikes into the wilds of Utah (so to speak). That is almost camping isn’t it? Alright, I admit it. I’m a big baby who hates to sleep in a tent, go without a nice warm shower when I wake up, and bugs. Does roasting a vegan Field Roast sausage over the fire pit in the back yard count?


    • Now I have to try the field roast!

      You are cracking me up! I grew up in St. George (IN GREEN VALLEY) and my dad is a developer who helped develop the properties including the spa. So no, it doesn’t count really, but since it’s so near and dear to my heart I will enter you!

  4. I havnt been in ages, but when I was younger I would go to my friend Sarah’s house to camp. She had such a huge yard (go back far enough there was a small cliff with caves and a river below). Almost every weekend during the summer we would hike out to the cliff and pick a cave for the night, spending the whole weekend back there. We liked to pretend we were adventurers or lost or whatever other plot we came up with. I really miss it!

  5. sun-dried tomatoes and basil are my favourite too. We dont have those types of products here, but we have similar although for some reason they add egg to their sausages (I wrote to them to take it out because its 99.9% vegan already lol) yes something about being outside in the bush, camp fire and for some reason the food tastes a whole lot better 😉 nice post

    • How silly that they add egg, although there is a brand here that is vegetarian that adds milk and egg to all their meatless products. A bit ridiculous really. But I guess they have enough vegetarians to keep them in biz.

      I miss the Australian bush! So different than here.

  6. My favorite place to go camping is in Virginia, in Shennandoah Nat’l Park.

    As for the veggie dogs, I’ve never been that impressed with them. I tried making tofuPups, and disliked them a ton, but the few FieldRoast items I’ve had I really dug, so maybe it’s time to give them a try…

    • Awesome, I think John Denver sings about the Shennandoah Mountains! Hehe. Thanks for entering

      Ew, I saw the tofu pups at the store the other day, they really did look gross. We hardly ever buy fake vegan meat. It can’t be all that great for you and is really processed. I need to however, try the FieldRoast. Multiple people have recommended it to me!

  7. I love most of the Tofurky products! I agree with you though- I try not to eat stuff like this very often since even though it’s better than the real thing, it’s still a super processed food. Not very clean eating… but gosh it tastes good 🙂

    • Haha! Totally right there, not very clean eating….. Super processed. Mostly we steer clear! You are right though that these products are still better for you than their real meat counterparts. At least no noses, butts or ears are involved in the production process.

  8. I’m generally a junk food junkie… I think I need to read your blog more often!

    As far as veggie dogs go, I usually buy the LightLife jumbo dogs and make chili dogs. Once you cover them with so much stuff, you really don’t taste them. I do like the Tofurky Kielbasa sausages and then top with sautéed peppers and onions. However, I usually cut them in half lengthwise and split between two buns. I’ve tried the Apple Sage Field Roast sausages and they are very tasty, but I don’t like putting Field Roast products on any sort of bread because it seems like I’m eating bread on bread. But, I’m kinda weird like that. 🙂

    As far as camping goes… the last time I camped it was 1992 and we were somewhere outside of Toronto.

    • Thanks for your insight on all the veggie meats, I like the idea of splitting the tofurky sausage so it’s not such a nutritional bomb.

      You gotta get out camping again! You may surprise yourself and really enjoy it! Thanks for entering!

  9. I totally agree, Veggie “meat” has its place, but not an everyday occurrence at our house – We are not huge fans of the tofurkey sausages but to enjoy the lightlife dogs 🙂

    • Yes, I think we will still eat it on occasion, but with all the field roast recommendations, I may need to replace the other two items 🙂

      Wanna enter the contest?

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