A Call for Help!!!

Hey there foodies! My Grandma wants to attempt a VEGAN vanilla wedding cake for my sister. She has never baked vegan in her life. Does anyone have a miracle recipe? She is quite determined and has no clue…..


17 thoughts on “A Call for Help!!!

  1. Have you tried Emily Mainquist’s “Yellow Cake w/ Chocolate Sour Cream Frosting” from her cok book “Sweet Vegan?” I dug through most of my wife’s vegan cookbooks, and found that one that looks like it will work, and the other recipies in here are really quite good.

    BTW, your Grandm clearly rocks!

  2. As Kristy mentioned Caitlin over at the Vegan Chickpea is amazing – her cakes and cupcakes for the wedding look amazing and had rave reviews!

    • Can I just say I love how everyone is chiming in with their vegan wisdom?!? Love it. The title of the cookbook has me drooling- it has officially been added to my list of books to find. Thank you!

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