My Farm to my Fork: Grill Roasted Root Veggies

So, when the thermometer from my backyard hits 104 degrees in the summer (like today), my first dinner thoughts are generally not of potatoes, carrots, beets, onions, rutabagas, what-have-you root vegetables. HELLO Winter Staples, right? But see, that’s where I am wrong. And so are you. Deal with it – you’re wrong. Well, you’re wrong if have some foil, a grill, and some super fresh, super tasty veggies. And more than that, if you’re lucky with your varieties, they are absolutely GORGEOUS. That’s really why I’m posting this, because this was too beautiful to keep to myself.

This is an unrecipe, but since we make it at least once a week and the contents vary based on what’s coming out of the garden, you’ll indulge me. And if you don’t, I’m none the wiser. Right now, it’s beets (Chioggia, Golden, Cylindra, Bull’s Blood) and potatoes (yukon gold, blues, reds) season in our garden. We can’t grow early carrots thanks to the gophers (we’ll try some in the fall), and our onions didn’t take so well this year, probably because we planted them at the wrong time (I was having a baby, okay? I can’t do everything!) But since we buy our carrots and onions in bulk at Costco, we’re always ready for this one. This is definitely more of a METHOD than a recipe and totally adaptable.

Grill Roasted Root Veggies

Servings: as many as you want, but I’ve listed what I have in the picture

  • 8-9 Beets, peeled and chopped
  • 8-9 New Potatoes, scrubbed and chopped
  • 5 Carrots, scrubbed and chopped
  • 1 Onion, halved and sliced
  • Fresh Herbs – I grab what looks good, this time it was Tarragon, Thyme, and Oregano
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper

Get a very large piece of foil, large enough to hold your veggies without being too thick – think tinfoil dinner thickness – doubled, so you can fold it in half over itself. Prep your veggies and lay them out (beautifully) on the foil. I generally like the onions on the bottom so they can caramelize, but it doesn’t really matter since if you flip it right, everything gets tasty. It’s nice to keep them in separate sections in case your eaters (like mine) have preferences. Lay your herbs on top of your chopped vegetables, drizzle the whole thing with olive oil and a hefty amount of salt and pepper, and wrap it up by folding the top over and curling the sides around each other. I usually double layer since I’m bound to puncture it or fail to seal an edge on the first layer.

I throw mine on the grill with all four burners at medium for about an hour – and no, I don’t preheat. The temperature gauge – right or wrong – usually says about 450. The temp varies once I start throwing other stuff on and leaving the lid open, so it’s tough to burn (unless Matt gets home late from work and our house has collapsed into insanity). About halfway through cooking, flip it if you remember, or not if you don’t. After that, either take it off or put it on your top rack to keep it from burning too much. There is a fine line between caramelized and burned. Open foil, admire, eat.

I’ll be honest, I generally over-pepper and under-salt, but that hasn’t stopped anyone from preferring these to the Scott Jurek veggie burgers 9 times out of 10. ZJ wouldn’t eat anything but these (and grilled pineapple because she has human weaknesses too) tonight, especially preferring the beets and carrots (scary diaper to come…).



26 thoughts on “My Farm to my Fork: Grill Roasted Root Veggies

    • I grew up fearing beets, and now I adore them and my kids gobble them up. My father finds it all strange, but how grateful I am to be able to give my kids more!

  1. Look delish! I love veggies but u never know what to do with beets- only grew up with the candied version. So thanks! Also, glad to ear I’m not the only under salt and over pepperer!

    • Thanks! I’m sure it’s done all over the place, but sometimes I feel like I have to re-invent the wheel to feel like I own something and be confident with it!

      • I’ve roasted different veggies separately, but this looks so pretty and delicious that I will give it a try – plus, I’d love to add some beets in – I haven’t tried them on the grill before.

  2. We just had the same thing with my parents-in-law for dinner tonight. What are the odds! We also toss in whatever squash we happen to have (today it was yellow summer squash), a bunch of garlic cloves, and turnips, when we have them. This is also how I was re-introduced to beets, and in turn, I re-introduced my mother-in-law to beets this evening.

    • Funny about beets – as a kid they were terrifying to me! I love the summer squash idea since ours is about to take over the kitchen – our first should be ready tomorrow or sunday, and as you know, it’s all down hill from there!

      • Yeah, I know how it goes. . .
        We just had to give away a bunch of veggies from our CSA so they wouldn’t go bad. . . Could be worse, I suppose. We’re also freezing a bunch of kale and chard to turn into smoothies later.

      • We did the same, only we juiced them and froze them in ice cubes – note to self and anyone else that reads this, the oils in kale are awfully difficult to remove from the ice cube tray. Thank goodness for kind husbands willing to do it for us. I haven’t tried chard in smoothies – is it too “chardy”?

  3. This is totally our go to veggie meal in the Summer- what ever comes out of the garden gets a good dose of evoo and S & p then onto the grill :0

    • Awesome! I’m trying to figure out greens on the grill, since tha’ts the first few months of garden stuff, but once summer comes – heaven!

    • It’s true. i can’t wait to share my veggie fajitas on the grill, the best I’ve ever had hands down, just because of that lovely grilled flavor. I can’t imagine what a charcoal grill could do for them! And you’re welcome!

  4. This makes me wish I had a grill. Downsides of tiny city apartments. In the winter, I usually make a pan of these every week in the oven. Next time we go camping, you’ve inspired me to bring some root veggies to throw on the fire in some foil!

    • I would struggle without our grill. We have a tiny backyard on our townhouse and while I complain it’s small (two bedrooms with three kids gets tight), my little backyard is a saving grace daily! And yes for camping! Throw a portabella on top and call it a foil dinner – amazing! A little homemade ketchup goes a long way.

      • I certainly wished we could cook outside when DC had a 9-day heatwave where it got close to or over 100 every day! More camping just might be the answer. 🙂

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