Happy Birthday to Me! An ETW & To-Read all in one!

Tomorrow is my birthday and I had great hopes of posting something novel and unique and thought provoking with a giveaway. But instead my kids kept me up half the night and now we’re going to spend the day today and tomorrow playing. I think that’s the best idea we’ve had in a long time!

So, in honor of my birthday – read this and be excited for us in Utah. And no, I’m not the Amanda in this blog, thank goodness. I can’t be that blog-prolific with the life I’m currently living.

Is Salt Lake City more Vegan than we Know?


12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me! An ETW & To-Read all in one!

  1. I woke up yesterday with the realization that your birthday was coming up, so I’m glad I didn’t need the blog reminder. Enjoy playing with your kids. That’s best gift of the moment you can give yourself. Happy birthday! With Love, from (cold, foggy, hot chocolate weather) California

    • We envy your weather, but at least we’re getting those monsoony type storms that come through occasionally in the summer. Wish we had some cold, fogginess. We had an absolutely wonderful day and that is much better than any present. ZJs been tough lately, but she was pretty good today and that was wonderful. Tomorrow we’ll try again…

  2. Thanks for the reminder! Happy Birthday tomorrow! Birthday basket coming soon. Meet at Wheeler farm weather permitting next week? Or maybe you can invite us to come swim, hint hint….Really truly love you and so grateful for your friendship.

    • We’d love to have you come swim! I just can’t go without extra hands so I might need to find someone to hold one of mine. Maybe we could have you up for an FHE and then we could have the dads there to help and we could grill some yummy food? I like it…and all that love, thanks. Maybe we’ll go to Omar’s and feel all sorts of love! Thanks for being a superstar.

  3. We’ve got a Birthday, shout hooray! I really liked this article. Now we need some vegan restaurants further south. How does one stage the great UT vegan migration of 2012?

      • We actually had one of those days that summer memories are made of, and I loved it. All three kids were up in the middle of the night for a few hours so I almost called it off on count of exhaustion, but we didn’t and I’m so grateful! And you’ll just have to start demanding the good stuff down there and maybe someone will get it. We should at least get one closer to us anyway, right? Maybe that’s our calling …

  4. I live CITY CAKES in SLC!!! You must know about it already, it’s got a big rep there. They made a killer b-day cake for my daughter and their desserts are craaaaazy good! Nums!

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