ETW: Omar’s Rawtopia (Take 2)

Yep, we tried again. We wanted Omar to have a second chance, since his first chance was just a piece of delicious pie made of gold. I had Matt order dinner and pick it up one nigh when I thought I couldn’t do another thing and still keep my hair attached to my head. [In review, Omar’s is SLC’s first and maybe only as of this post, fully raw and organic restaurant.]

Matt asked what the BEST items were and he was informed the Bean Burrito and the Nut Burger were two excellent choices. Or at least that’s sort of how he remembers the conversation going. Obviously we would have loved to try everything, but when they ask for my second child in payment, I have to draw the line somewhere. (I know, I know, organic and live foods are what they are and that’s expensive, and I TOTALLY respect that. I just can’t justify the expense most of the time. I even dream that I will one day fill this hippie role better in my own life…)

Menu Descriptions:

Nut Burger … $15
A wonderful brazil nut pattie put in cabbage or on greens
topped with nut mayo, ketchup, mustard sauce, onions, tomatoes, avocado, and lots of love.

Bean Burrito … $15
Beans consist of a purée of Tahini and sunflower seeds mixed with Mexican herbs, and spices. Topped with macadamia nut sour cream, sprouts, and served wrapped in collard greens, or with crackers, lettuce, cabbage, and love.

First, taste: The Nut Burger was fantastic, really and truly. It wasn’t as pretty as their picture, but I could definitely eat it again when I’m feeling spendy. The Bean Burrito was okay – not fantastic, and definitely not the flavors I was hoping for for the price.

Second, presentation:

This:     doesn’t look like this, does it?

I don’t mean to be hard on them, but when I order a “burrito” and intend to eat it with my hands, I have hope that it will be put together for me.  Underneath that random piece of romaine, it looked like this (which is apparently an option on the menu and not at all burrito-like) :

The Nut Burger looked more like what I expected but still not quite as amazing:


Yes, mine looked much less appetizing (and the photography was part of it).

Obviously there was a communication breakdown. Clearly, the menu offered two options for how the burrito would be served and we didn’t clarify we wanted the first one listed. I probably sound awful and really mean, especially for a place with so much LOVE, but I just remember it being a day I wanted someone else to make my dinner and that I ended up being disappointed.

Third, satiety: Probably most important for me, was that after I finished, I felt like I hadn’t eaten anything. I was STARVING still. Yes, truly, the food “felt” good as all good raw meals do, but after going plant-based, my husband and I have found that we need more food than ever so skimpy vegetarian portions are troublesome. And it doesn’t help that I’m a nursing mom. So, after eating Omar’s, we scavenged through the house for a second dinner.

14 thoughts on “ETW: Omar’s Rawtopia (Take 2)

  1. I also try to eat mostly vegan and raw, and I find it helps to eat a huge salad with lunch and dinner. Im always full. It does get tiresome, making food all the time. Where I live there aren’t even any good vegetarian options.

    • My mom has always said she usually is finished with a salad when she’s tired of it, not when she’s full, so I totally get that! I can’t eat as much salad as I’d like since it does actually take a bit of preparation and my kids aren’t the most helpful. Kudos for raw – one day!

  2. ‘Probably most important for me, was that after I finished, I felt like I hadn’t eaten anything. I was STARVING still. Yes, truly, the food “felt” good as all good raw meals do, but after going plant-based, my husband and I have found that we need more food than ever so skimpy vegetarian portions are troublesome.’

    This is VERY VERY common! Think about it this way: Animal foods are VERY high in calories (One chicken wing can have anywhere from 99-300 calories depending on the method of cooking and the suaces) whereas plant foods are very low in calories (you would have to eat 5 cups of salad to get even to the low side of the calories in chicken – 5 cups no dressing = 100 calories) so it takes MUCH more plant food to equal the same amount of calories. If you eat plant food in the amount that you normally do of animal food, you WILL still be hungry.

    I think a lot of new vegetarians have to deal with this… They think it just doesn’t fill them up, which is true if they don’t eat more. So that’s actually one of the advantages of eating a good diet – you get to eat a crap ton of food.
    That’s my favorite thing about eating a low fat vegan diet. I get to eat like every two hours haha. I get to eat like 8 times a day and LOSE weight. It’s awesome.

    • Isn’t it crazy how much we can eat? I love it, especially when dinner is fantastic. My husband eats like a horse and still doesn’t gain any weight. What I don’t love is that veggie restaurants short me on my needed calories. I got an email back from the owner who said he’d never heard that someone was still hungry after eating there (though the Yelp & urbanspoon reviews indicated differently). And being a nursing mom, it seems like I can never get full.
      For me, it’s not so much the calories, but the speed with which my body can digest it – it’s so much easier on my body that if it’s not super filling and bulky, I never fill up.

      • That sounds great! I wish I could eat and eat and eat and never get full. I can eat quite a bit on a low-fat vegan diet, but I do get full after each meal, I just get hungry again within an hour or two. Hah. Maybe it’s sort of like how women with small breasts think that having large ones would be great, when in reality it is AWFUL.
        That’s terrible that the owner probably lied to you, if the Yelp and urbanspoon reviews said that people were still hungry. It seems like it would be pretty easy for a veg restaurant can sell people short on food though, since it would look like the normal amount of food people can eat.
        Definitely get enough calories as a nursing mom, it’s really easy to make yourself nutrient deficient that way.

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  4. I agree completely about the presentation. I was very disappointed when I saw my bean burrito. It tasted pretty good, but not what I expected. You’re really setting your customers up for disappointment when there is that much disparity between the menu and the real thing. And it’s true, pretty much all raw restaurants will leave you hungry if you’re not a skinny vegetarian. Plan to spend a lot of money and get multiple courses. I went there with my daughter and got the coconut curry rice in an appetizer portion, the bean burrito, and two of the fudge ball things (which were basically tiny truffles by the way). We split that food between us (she’s ten, doesn’t eat a lot–but I’m big and I do) and I left satisfied. There’s a big difference with this type of food–if you eat enough, you feel satisfied, but not stuffed and gross, like other food. I love that feeling…I just hate the big dent it leaves in my wallet. But considering the high cost of raw food, and that it fed me and my daughter both, it wasn’t bad. I really recommend the coconut curry rice for adding bulk to your meal…and it was yummy. My husband even liked the take-home coconut curry I brought him,and he doesn’t tend to like raw gourmet food.

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