ETW: Sage’s Cafe – I probably don’t even need this post

Sage’s is iconic. I don’t even know why I’m bothering posting this since there are a bajillion reviews that are MUCH better than mine. It has to have been the first “vegetarian” restaurant in the valley. And I first went there with friends LONG before we considered vegetarianism, let alone a plant-based diet. I’m pretty everything on their menu is plant-based, but the desserts say “ice cream” and so instead of asking and because we don’t usually get dessert, we didn’t bother worrying about it. But may I just say, I could eat there all the time. And every time we go, we send a picture of the Carrot Butter appetizer to our friends who first brought us there but now life in NOLA. I think it’s our revenge for them leaving us here.

Sage’s is located at 473 East 300 South, another downtown-er. Sorry, I know, we need to get into the outside-of-downtown SLC realm. I should say, they try to source locally (great seasonal veggies for most of the year) and organically, and out front is a great big herb garden that you just know they’re using – or at least hope, although I’m still not sure what anyone could do with that much tarragon.

And can I also say that I am thrilled that they had a Google Offer a few weeks ago since it made our meal $10 cheaper?

Anyway, you can eat anything on the menu. I have a friend that ALWAYS gets the tacos with portabello/as. The bruschetta and carrot butter crostini (a recipe I would LOVE to have) appetizers are wonderful, but not as thrilled with the mushroom escargot. For sandwiches, I have friends that love the Philly Cheeze, and I’ve tried the nut burger and the guac-n-roll, which were good, but not standouts. The Soba Salad was very fresh, but I wanted more veggies on it. On our last visit, we got the Picadillo Vegetariano with Tofu and the Magical Wok with Tempeh. I think we both liked the Magical Wok better, but that was partly because we had fajitas the night before and the Magical Wok was so different from that.  We often try the specials because they are almost always remarkably good, but this time we stuck to the menu -boring!

The last friday of every month is raw night, and while we’ve only been once, it was super. Our friends say that Tuesday nights when they have all-you-can-eat pizza, there is standing room only. Mondays from 3-6pm are Meatless Mondays and you can take 25% off your whole meal. I mean, the place has a bunch of reasons to go.

And if you’re not avoiding sweets (bless you if you are) their Peanut Butter Brownie is out of this world (we ate it too fast to get a picture of it). And though I haven’t tried it (it’s that whole coffee and alcohol avoidance thing), their Tiramisu gets amazing reviews.

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7 thoughts on “ETW: Sage’s Cafe – I probably don’t even need this post

  1. Oh that carrot butter, I can almost taste it. Still can’t believe I haven’t been to any of the proper vegan scenes… Loser over here.

  2. The picadillo and magical dishes are making me VERY HUNGRY. But I am so very tired- 10pm is not the best time for me to decide I want to eat an amazing meal because I’d have to make it. And I’m tired. And surrounded by a mountain of apricots to process. Savory dishes will have to wait.

    • At least you were processing apricots and not meat, right? wink-wink? I was hungry then too, but more tired than hungry so I woke up ravenous this morning. And now I need to go have my second breakfast.

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