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Hey all!  We’re trekking across the country by car, plane, and boat so this post is little off the standard.  I haven’t had much time in the kitchen and photo ops have been few with my arms full of luggage and children (my phone left uncharged doesn’t help much either), I do however have loads of information to share!

While packing I was wary of my first cross-country trip as a vegan and nervous about finding plant-based food along the way that would be satisfying and healthy, so even before we left I loaded up our carry-ons with food galore.  Here’s a portion of the list:

*squeeze applesauce
Product Details
*wasabi peas (also provided entertainment when my 2-yr-old insisted on licking one)
*protein bars, larabars, zbars- oh my!
Product Details
*veggies and hummus
*Justin’s Maple Nut Butter travel packs
<em>Justin's Nut Butter</em> - Almond <em>Butter</em> Squeeze Pack <em>Maple</em> - 1.15 oz....
*flax crackers
*vegan chocolate (a must)
<em>Chocolove</em> Dark Choc W/Almonds & <em>Sea Salt</em> 3.2 oz (Pack Of 12)
*protein powder (to be added to a cup of soymilk purchased in the airport terminal)
Garden of Life <em>Raw Protein</em>, Original, 22 oz
*coconut water powder (add to water for electrolytes to prevent travel dehydration, tastes like fun dip when in powdered form!)
Product Details
*Primal Strips Jerky (BBQ- AMAZING, Teriyaki- ok, Shiitake- blech)
<em>Primal Strips</em> Texas <em>BBQ</em> Vegan Jerky, 1 oz (Pack of 24)
*homemade baked goods
*vitamins and supplements

I know there was more but I have been on the road with 3 kids for 5 days and everything is a bit of a blur.

Here’s a great article I found about airplane regulations and packing yummy vegan meals- some great ideas!

What’s In, What’s Out
There are plenty of snacks, treats, and spreads that get the “all clear” for the friendly skies. According to the US Department of Homeland Security’s Transportation and Safety Administration (TSA) guidelines, all solid food that is wrapped or in a container is allowed, as is whole, unpeeled natural food. However, if you dig into an apple while waiting in line to check your bag, you’ll have to wrap it up before hitting the security checkpoint. All liquids and semi-liquids (juice, coconut milk yogurt, hummus, and the like) should be placed into containers no larger than three ounces (the same as shampoo and soap). And with two tablespoons to each fluid ounce, you can bring on six tablespoons-worth of peanut butter without batting an eyelash. Yum.

……Pack frozen vegan enchiladas in a plastic container and with sauce in a two-ounce cup—by the time you’re aboard, you’re ready to eat.


More words of wisdom on road tripping vegan:

My Travel Food Philosophy:

Aim for Zen-like simplicity, bring along the bare minimum you need to produce food, be creative & flexible, do your research, think ahead, and take advantage of opportunities.

And don’t forget the can opener. Opening cans with a key and a paring knife or your trusty Boy Scout knife gets old fast. Fortunately can openers are available everywhere. Except maybe on camping trips.

Planning is important, but so is spontaneity when travelling. You might find yourself in an area where there are plenty of fast food restaurants and convenience stores, and not much else. Even those places will have something you can eat if you adopt temporary amnesia about organic, non-GMO, and food additives. Taco Bell and Subway are well known examples of fast food outlets (I wouldn’t call them restaurants) where you can get something veg and filling to eat in a pinch. Every town in North America has at least one supermarket, and many have delis where you can buy salads etc.

Always carry an emegency food supply – protein bars, nuts & seeds, dried fruit, trail mix, crackers, chips, fresh fruit, water – enough to keep you going for a day, just in case there’s no other food available.

It pays to find out ahead of time where the natural food stores and veg friendly restaurants are located along your way.


And I LOVE this blog on eating out anywhere vegan, no matter the country.  So cool!  Totally worth a read.

So there it is.  Hope all is well out there in blog land.  I’m off for a morning run on the pier and then a day on the beaches of Lake Michigan.


25 thoughts on “Traveling Vegan

    • Knowledge is power, right? It felt great to be more educated about my food options, glad I have a place to share it so others can use it too!

  1. I like your travel food choices. I just saw coconut water powder at the store and was wondering how it worked, great idea to use it for travel. And thanks for the link to the vegan travel blog. I forwarded it on to a couple of thankful vegan friends.

    • Love the vegan travel blog. And we love the coconut water powder! We only tried the pomegranate flavor, the others I can’t vouch for. Word of advise, bring some sort of dispenser/measuring too- it can get a bit messy trying to pour from the bag to the bottle. Bonus: super cost effective, $9 for 25 servings!

  2. Great tips! Thank you for this. Planning a road trip for August and this will come in handy (although carrying food in your car is far easier than on a plane) 🙂

    • Agreed, car is much easier. You get to bring more heavy produce! I can’t tell you how much I miss my veggies and jar of almond butter right now. Let me know what you put on your packing list, I am always up for new inspiration. 🙂

  3. We have done quite a bit of traveling and use a lot of the same tips and products. On our last 1000 mile road trip (the first half of trip was by plane) the hardest part was feeding a gluten-free 16 month old while on the road. He got his first taste of fries and vegan, gluten free cookies. It was the best we could do some of the time and we all survived.

    • We had to do that twice – the long road trip GF toddler! It’s HARD! So super props to you. French fries saved us more than once and surprise, she lived! I think I need to be less afraid of traveling with my rascals…

    • Long trips with toddlers *sigh*. We must be crazy. And gluten free! Good woman. You can’t go wrong with a french fry in a time of need. Sometimes it’s about just that- survival.

    • I suck those babies straight from the packet, nothing else required! A staple in my purse for a blood-sugar-drop moment. And thanks, will do. 😉

    • Our farthest east is Michigan, from the southeast end to the northeast. Good news is that there are actually some great vegan options around here and I will not starve (yay!) We have family out in your neck of the woods, I’ll have to remember to get your list next time we come out that way!

  4. The traveling vegan part sounds for real a bit tricky, BUT the running on the beach, not so rough. So, do we get reviews of things – like the coconut water powder or are you just not tasting stuff and being grateful for calories. Loved pictures on FB.

    • Yes, the beach is lovely. You can’t beat the sandy beaches of Lake Michigan. What do you want the review of? Tea foodie got the coconut water lowdown up above. 😉 You would be amazed at the awesome food I have been having- my step-mom’s peanut butter tofu pie, chef James veggie stir fry with sweet potatoes and balsamic vinegar glaze up at girls camp(didn’t expect that one!), my sister’s vegan spread of a sweet potato ravioli with portabellos, sauteed veggies with asparagus and most amazing salad ever with rainbow of fruit and veggies. Oh, and Qdoba- have you ever been there? I don’t think we have them out west. They have some super yummy vegan options. Anyhoo, baby’s mad at me for being on the computer. I’ll touch base soon.

  5. This is all welcome advice! I get a bit terrified of vegan travel (mostly because I have had disastrous issues with mere day trips) It pays to plan ahead! Can’t wait to run with you when you get back. I say we plan our own half this fall and forgo the race fees!

    • You. Can. Do. It. Yes, planning has saved my tail a whole bunch of times this trip. And absolutely, a whole bunch of running is needed. An old friend is coming to town in a couple weeks and will kick my tail- he’s a well trained ultra runner. He wants to do a long trail run and I’m shaking in my boots(sandals)!! And you I’m always good running on the cheap. 😉

  6. You’re like me… I usually bring scads of snacks and the sugarpants is always grateful. I’m grateful for the new suggestions. Thank you!

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