ETW: Mountain West Burrito, 1796 N 950 W Provo Ut

Rating: **** not too pricey, actually cheap

My dad had open heart surgery last week so I have been in the hospital a lot. I went to the cafeteria for dinner with my mom the second night and was looking forward to something healthy based on my mom and (vegetarian) sister’s recommendation. My choices included,

  • fried meat,
  • processed meat,
  • processed cheese,
  • more processed cheese with a little fruit,
  • processed meat, cheese and bacon with some lettuce on the side labeled “salad”
  • worst of all there was, what appeared to be a fruit dish, but not so, I picked it up to reveal stacks of processed meat and cheese hiding under the 10 grapes

I had already been crying, now I felt like crying more and screaming out loud (cover your children’s ears):

“you sasafrassin*^##^^!! Poo#&*!%* idiots, don’t you know this is why our loved ones are in here?!!  How are our only choices so unhealthy?!”

Don’t worry, I didn’t say it out loud, only in my mind I sounded like a serious, crazy, activist.

My mom took one look at my face and suggested we leave the hospital for dinner. We found a little hole in the wall next to the smoke shop called

Mountain West Burrito (Angel’s singing here)

1796 N 950 W Provo Ut

It is a strange little hippy joint, that serves Tex-Mex.

Everything is organic, local, fresh.

I got the Grilled Veggie Burrito on a whole wheat tortilla, stuffed with organic brown rice, salsa, pinto beans, grilled summer squash (I am sure the veggies change with the seasons). $6


They even had vegan sour cream! My mom ordered a chicken and veggie burrito. Even their meat was organic and local. The burrito was HUGE, I couldn’t finish mine. I also got to try a weird health drink called kombucha, which kind of tasted like carbonated vinegar, but I liked it.

32 thoughts on “ETW: Mountain West Burrito, 1796 N 950 W Provo Ut

  1. My father in law had open heart surgery two years ago so spent a few meals in a hospital cafeteria. I feel ya. I will say our had a decent selection of organic, grain fed meats and veggie options. Was very refreshing. But still served lots and lots of junk. Good thoughts for your dads recovery.

    • This is a regional hospital, I expected more choices, but Mountain West was less than 1/2 mile from the hospital 🙂

  2. My mom was in the hospital for several weeks, and I became very well acquainted with the cafeteria “food court.” Fortunately for me there were a number of vegetarian options, but in too many of the “stations” the food was exactly as you described … processed meat, processed cheese, tons of fatty salads on the salad bar. I just don’t get that in a hospital. Healing thoughts for your dad and {{hugs}} for you and your mom.

  3. Oh yum! One of the reasons I’m looking forward to having a home birth, even though the hospitals are sort of ok here in Australia, is that I won’t have to eat strange meat hospital food!

    • home birth sounds very brave to me, I am such a baby, I like lots of drugs–I know so not Yogi. Good luck. when are you due?

  4. Sending lots of positive energy to you and your family.

    A definite score on vegan sour cream. That’s not usually an option at most Tex-Mex and Mex restaurants in Denver.

    • The positive energy is working, when he went in for surgery they told us there was a good chance he would die on the table, surgeon came out after and said he didn’t know why he wasn’t dead there was so much blood around his heart. He is coming home tomorrow.

      • Wow! That news is such a blessing. My father had a much less severe heart procedure this spring. I was a total wreck and thank my lucky stars he made it through okay.

  5. I totally empathize with you. While I was pregnant I was in the cafeteria at the hospital and sooo disappointed that they had pretty much the same kind of stuff you listed and get this…chick-fil-a!! In a hospital…fast food!
    That burrito looks delicious!

  6. I’ll have to try that place the next time I’m in Utah! I love Kombucha! I’ve been drinking it for the last 4 years and it has done some amazing things for my health! My philosophy for when you get a cold: 2 Kombucha a day makes the cold go away! Try it the next time you get sick.

    • You would never guess it exists if you see if from the outside, looks like a little dive gas station, and it is connected to a smoke shop as in hooka

    • It really was my last straw. But after eating y yummy burrito I was ready to spend the night on the hospital chair next to my dad.

  7. I’m so sorry about your father. It’s such a scary thing and I hope he pulls through alright and is “good as new” when all is said and done.

    I wish I had a restaurant around here that served such good stuff. We’d have to travel at least 5 hours to find anything to eat around here that looked anything like a healthy meal. That’s why we only eat at home anymore. It’s the only place we know that we can be sure of having healthy organic vegan meals. Such a sorry story of a sorry area although it is beautiful here in this part of New York state. I would never never have thought of Utah as a mecca of good foods like you seem to be finding around every corner!

    Best wishes to you and your family. I know how hard it can be to have our loved ones in such serious condition. I’m in a bit of a serious condition myself and once again, bemoan the lack of resources in this depressed area. It’s an odd area where there is one (colleg) city/town that has a fantastic cooperative market with a huge following, a good deli area but no good places to eat. It has many alternative sorts of health services but none are covered by our health insurance. It’s also a huge tourist attraction area because it’s covered with very popular wineries but I guess no one is interested in heathy restaurants. If I was rich I’d want to attempt a go at a health food restaurant. I’d have to be much more healthy and and ambitious to do so though.

    Again, back to your father and you. Remember to keep taking care of yourself but actually, you seem to be doing very well in that area. Keep up the good works!

    • When I was in Manhattan a few months ago I was surprised at how sparse the options were. I am sorry to hear you have a loved one in a serious condition, my positive energy is headed your way. Thank you for the support

  8. In defense of your Healthy Mom, and Vegetarian sister, we ate breakfast there and our recommendation was based on that. Real eggs, real cheese – not something I expected in a hospital cafeteria.

  9. Oh Carolyn. So sorry about your dad. I hope that he is okay!

    Glad you found that great burrito joint, I may have to stop there. We are in Provo now at least once a week at Seven Peaks with the kids. xoxo

    • make sure you try the synergy drink (it is the Kambucha) It is pricey $4, but I liked it, the guy recommended I start with the Mango as it was the least offensive. I think I am going to branch out tonight and get a different flavor

      • I’ve had it, they sell it at whole foods & good earth, I think it tastes like vinegar too :/ Not a fan, but I know it’s good for you so I will try again!

    • So you are responsible for my new favorite place! You have already done more than you know, I have eaten there 3 times this week and loved it every time! Thank you for having such a great place.

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