152, Vegan Lion Cupcakes

We had the party of the century for my Godson’s 1st birthday last Saturday. Bouncy houses, blow-up waterslide, face painting, 100 balloons, huge Brazillian BBQ and 30 vegan lion cupcakes (152 later in this blog)

Cupcakes were delicious! I had my niece help me make them. She thinks I am super weird and what I eat is even weirder and usually gross, but she loved these cupcakes. Unfortunately I can’t share the recipe, as it was from the Sticky Fingers cookbook (buy it on Amazon used for $8, you won’t regret it).

I made the Classic vanilla cake pg. 49 then topped with Vanilla frosting pg 50. I used Panda cherry licorice for themane (cut the licorice) Rice dream chocolate chips for the eyes and Nature’s Path “Whole O’s” for the ears. I did eat two of these Sat night (not healthy, but so, so good)

Progress Report (if you want the full story of why  you are getting my weight https://goodcleanfood.wordpress.com/2012/07/25/gah-i-cant-breathe-in-my-fat-clothes/

Nutrition: Stayed within 1200 calorie budget 5 out of 7 days

Weight: I am down 4.6 lbs since I started my calorie budgeting! On Monday I weighed in at 152, still have 5 lbs to go to get to the weight I was unhappy with last Oct. LOL, what is wrong with me? Will I ever be enough for myself?

Exercise : I ran six out of seven days, strength training twice, and taught one power yoga class

I made the African Peanut Stew today https://goodcleanfood.wordpress.com/2012/02/15/week-5-chronicles-from-feb-5-2012/. Nutritional info below:

African Peanut Stew 1 cup serving

Calories Protein Fat Carbs Sugar Fiber
162 6.4 6 22.6 6.5 12

19 thoughts on “152, Vegan Lion Cupcakes

    • super easy, they would have been easier if I had used licorice ropes but I couldn’t find any organic, so had to cut the Panda pieces

    • The decoration ideas are from a different book, I will have to get the name of it, lots of super cute ideas. I borrowed it from my sister

  1. Oh and the African Peanut stew stats are better than I thought. I may try to make it with PB2 next time to get the fat and calorie count down even more!

    • I considered making it with PB2, let me know how it works if you try it. I thought the stats were fantastic! Tons of fiber. I fed it to my dad and he said he liked it. He did pick out the kale, but that is because his Dr told him not to eat dark greens–something to do with the blood thinner he is on

      • I don’t like it straight, but I’ve made a satay sauce with it that I liked, so I’m sure it would be great.

        That’s great about your dad. I’ve heard about greens and broccoli interfering with those kind of meds. Weird. Is your mom reading the book?

  2. Love the lion cupcakes! Ooh and I’m excited to make African peanut soup again this fall, it’s the perfect comfort food, nom nom.

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