Green Smoothie Challenge Day 4

Still rockin’ the green smoothie challenge at the bird, but we are too busy having fun to tell you much more than that.


18 thoughts on “Green Smoothie Challenge Day 4

    • neither, but I did have that chipmunk eating raisins out of my hand…. 😉

      I’ll blog about the tofu “steaks” we made at some point. SO good!

      • Tofu steaks, eh? Sounds … interesting? We’re headed to West Yellowstone Friday to get a dose of the outdoors. It is much needed, especially after this week. Maybe next year we’ll come up and join you for a day of fun at Snowbird and eat Tofu steaks.

      • Have so much fun, and yes, there is always a spare room at the bird on Friday, my family never stays through the whole week, this year included.

    • I feel like my husband’s camera phone was woefully inadequate to capture anything of the beauty up here. Glad some of it still came across.

      We love the chipmunks at Snowbird, they are so acclimated to humans that they will eat right out of your hand. The kids are loving it.

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