Cheesy, Creamy, Bacony, Potato Soup

If it had been a full moon Sunday I could blame it for transforming me into a werewolf and chewing on a piece of meat like an animal. I couldn’t help it, it was my favorite meat and it was taunting me, sitting right there in the fridge. I have to say I didn’t feel guilty afterward, at all. And it tasted really good. I still have fond memories of it. Since no full moon, I have to blame it on how stressed I have been this past week. I have a 13 year old son, I could give you details, but I think the only relevant detail is: 13 year old son.

Though I don’t feel guilty about eating the poor cow, I don’t really want to do it again (I was a little nauseous the rest of the night) so I created something really tasty to stave off any cravings (I also gave the rest of the roast beast to my sister). Since my produce shopping is done in my garden every morning, I wanted  to create something that used what I could get from there.  I have been happily feasting on this for two days!

Cheesy, Creamy, Bacony, Potato Soup

Makes 7 cups


2 cups Soy milk

4 cups diced boiled or baked potato (my potatoes were fresh out of the garden so I left skins on)

2 cups diced zuchinni or summer squash (optional, but I think it makes it better)

1/3 cup cubbed cashew cheese

½ cup onion

½ t dried dill

½ t dried rosemary (I had fresh so I used several sprigs)

½ t dried thyme (I had fresh so I used several leaves)

1 t Herbamare (or fav salt seasoning)

½ t liquid smoke

Method: sauté onions, pull out ¼ cup, add squash and sauté while you mix the following in the vitamix

Vitamix:  place milk, 2 cups potatoes, cheese, ¼ cup sautéed onion, dill, rosemary, thyme, herbamare and liquid smoke in vitamix. Blend on high for about 4 minutes. Add 2 more cups diced potatoes and gently pulse (on low) until incorporated, but you don’t want to lose all the chunks. If you are using old potatoes I would peel these.

Mix in sautéed squash and onion (optional, I left these out for Andrew). Enjoy!

Makes 7 cups, Nutritional info per cup

Calories Protein Fat Carbs Sugar Fiber
136 5.4 1.8 25 2.7 3.8

Progress Report (if you want the full story of why  you are getting my weight

Nutrition: not good, as I mentioned I had a stressful week.Stayed within 1200 calorie budget 3 out of 7 days then I was closer to 2000 and they were not good calories

Weight: I gained 2 lbs (could it be when I turned into a werewolf and consumed a carcass?) On Monday I weighed in at 154, now I have 7 lbs to go to get to the weight I was unhappy with last Oct.

Exercise : I ran six out of seven days, strength training twice, and taught one power yoga class

My favorite Julia Child tribute (Julia also loved this one)

10 thoughts on “Cheesy, Creamy, Bacony, Potato Soup

  1. I have a bunch of potaotes from my CSA, just waiting. Apparently they knew that you would be ppsting this recipe…

    As for the slip, veganism isn’t about perfection, it’s about doing the best you can. Keep doing the best you can, and you’re doing it right.

  2. I just fixed this recipe, it had “1 T herbamare or other salt seasoning of choice” and it should be “1 t” (stupid Word auto correct)

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