Forward: This is my brother Abe’s post, but I have to say it was pretty cool to spend a week with him doing the Green Smoothie Challenge. Alcoholism runs in our family, so I can’t tell you how proud I am of Abe that he was able to kick drinking to the curb during the challenge (and hopefully forever). I think this awesome book helped him. No twitching on the bathroom floor involved.

Hiking the tram via Gad Valley and Peruvian Gulch Trails at Snowbird with Abe

Abe here, The green smoothie challenge rocked! The first few days where challenging, [um, yeah Abe, that’s why it’s called a challenge] but by about day 3 it felt awesome and natural.

Moose Butt

I felt an amazing amount of focus and a big boost in confidence. Also I felt a renewed natural energy that I have not felt in a long time.

As for alcohol – I am done. The only thing that stuff has ever done for me is gave me a headache and a fat ass. I’m even done with caffeine. For now on I’m only getting high on exercise and whole foods! [Abe exercised every day on the challenge, weights, hiking and running].

Menu for the week

Saturday – Green Smoothies with Spinach, banana, and mixed tropical frozen fruit. Raw Veggies and Hummus Dip. Moroccan Lentil Soup.

Sunday – Green Smoothies with Kale, Banana, Lemon and Blueberries. Salads. Leftover Moroccan Lentil Soup.

Monday – Green Smoothies with Kale, Beets, Ginger, Blueberries and Banana (Abe’s Favorite), Broiled Tofu Steaks and Stir Fried veggies

Tuesday – Green Smoothies with Spinach, Peaches and Bananas, Salad with Garbanzo beans, tomatoes, red wine vinegar, farm fresh tomatoes and basil, Cheezy Smoky Spicy Black Bean Soup.

Wednesday – Green Smoothies with Kale, bananas and blueberries, Lettuce Wraps with broiled Korean BBQ tofu, carrot, scallions, cucumber and mint.

Thursday – Green Smoothies with Spinach, Bananas and tropical fruit, Panang Curried Eggplant and Okra stir fry.

Friday – Green Smoothie with lots of beets and kale (Somer couldn’t get it down), and breaking the challenge over lunch at O’Falafel with our parents and our brother Curtis. [Amanda was right], just get the falafel sandwich in the whole wheat pita. It’s the best thing on the menu. Vacation was over for me at that point. But I’m back at home and still plant-based and sober.

Love your guts Abe.


53 thoughts on “GREEN ABE

  1. Great post Abe. I bet it was challenging. Congratulations for still being on the plant based diet and no alcohol 🙂 I think you’ve done a great job. I think I would feel reborn. That is some serious healthy food there 🙂 Good luck mate. PS I like the beard… There are not enough men with beards on the internet..

  2. First of all, is it wrong that I want to pull on Abe’s beard? It is truly a marvel. Secondly, I think it’s amazing that Abe has turned this corner! I haven’t had a drink in 8 days, and although it hasn’t been a cakewalk, I know I will have another drink, so it’s not the same. The photos are awe-inspiring, and I’d love to transport myself there. Great post! More from Abe!

    • I think he gets the whole “I want to touch your beard” thing a lot 😉

      Check out this you tube with all the bearded dudes, he’s the one at the end!

      As for the scenery, you know you have a place to stay if you ever come to Utah!

      Are you still alcohol free? How’s your health my friend?

      • Day 22 today, and feeling GREAT! And got a Vitamix on Saturday, as The Husband is now addicted to green smoothies. Woo hoo! And my hamstring has stopped bothering me, so I’m out running again. Thanks so much for asking! I’ll have to watch the YouTube video 🙂

  3. I have to say, I got a little choked up as I read your post Abe…You are an amazing person and so many people look up to you! Thanks for sharing and motivating others to make changes. I hope you know what an awesome sister Somer is. Kudos, your other sis Holly

  4. Dude, the beard is AWESOME! So proud of you Abe. I’ve travelled that road and it’s not an easy one. You have the strength of a titan and never forget it. I’M SO PROUD OF YOU. Now go convince your sister to adopt me so we can join you on fabulous family getaways. 🙂

  5. Lovely post and always love to see folks embracing a green, healthy lifestyle – and to do with such panache and style as you–so good! From my green smoothie glass to yours, cheers! (And your brother has, by far, the very best beard I think I have ever seen–two tone! Wicked!)

  6. Wow what an amazing Journey – high fives all around for you and your brother.

    Who wouldn’t be high on life with all that goodness you got enjoy – between the awesome smoothies, incredible eats and nature, i would be in heaven!

  7. “Green Smoothie with lots of beets and kale (Somer couldn’t get it down),” Ha!! Congrats to you Abe, and as usual, well done Somer. Our smoothie cleanse didn’t go as well, so I think next time I’ll force my wife to try yours. ( I managed fine, she couldn’t handle not eating). I felt great though.

    • Shudder, that beet and kale smoothie nearly did me in!

      Oh yes, do this one next, you get to eat plenty, but you’re eating so cleanly that you still get a really great cleanse.

      The fact that you felt great must mean your body is super healthy!

      • Yeah, I can see how beets and kale were just over the line. . .

        Your challenge comes in December, mayeb january, when we have to re-cleanse after the holidays. I’m not willing to try it while school is in session. I need to get to the bathroom too often for that.

  8. Somer….I am thinking of doing the green smoothie challenge in a week or so when my husband is out of town and I was just wondering what makes a recipe (like the veggie soup recipe) “green smoothie challenge approved”?

    • Oh, I’m so sorry I missed this comment!

      Recipes that are green smoothie approved are full of vegetables, super high in fiber, have little or no fat, have no grains and are less than 300 calories per serving. You can create your own or use these as a template.

      Good luck!

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