The Truth Behind Erika’s Migraine Diagnosis

Okay, so Erika said angels were singing and all of you were giving me lots of praise.

It’s time to come out with the truth.

Yes, I started really praying for Erika and her migraine situation, she was scaring the crap out of me. Who in the heck has a migraine for 12 days!?!

The next morning, my brother Clint who lives in Switzerland sent me an email, we had been discussing back and forth his family’s transition to a plant-based diet (yay, another conversion!) Then he sent me this crazy You Tube.

Watch it without busting out laughing if you can, when did this dude last wash his hair? Does he smell as bad as he looks? Is he high on wheat grass or something else? Halfway through watching it the alkaline light came on and I started searching for the link between migraines and acidosis, the rest is history.

For more on wheatgrass, check out this post, it’s ridiculously easy to grow.

Peace Out-



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