Adventures and Misadventures in Alkalinity

Oh, what a week this has been!  Titles for this post have been many- it really has been difficult to choose.  2nd place was Deuce Juice (my new favorite drink) and 3rd was “I don’t stink any more! (relatively speaking)”  to be explained further below.  So many choices, what’s a girl to do?

I’m going to try to compile my scattered thoughts and revert to my favorite past time- organization and listing.

1.  Adventures

a.  I spent countless hours reading , studying, searching the web, trying to understand the nature of the beast I’m dealing with.  Food lists are inconsistent and conflicting.  Symptoms are diverse.  Solutions varied.   This is my favorite write up on Acidosis, it includes symptoms, charts etc- very helpful.  This guy has a great blog with loads of info, life experience and 150 alkaline recipes to try.

b.   A fantastic spike in energy!  I wake up with a clear mind and have the focus and ability to do my daily tasks, no sugar or caffeine necessary.  I can genuinely enjoy my children, clean my house, cook without needing to read the recipe 18 times, and run, run, run!   I can power out miles and I am lighter on my feet.  I feel more like myself again (I sound like a commercial.)

c.  We cracked open our first coconut, what fun!  The water was much fresher than the coconut water you buy in cans or packages and the meat had a sweet, gentle flavor.  Such a treat and a great experiment with the kiddos.

d.  I was able to use all the extra energy to get some canning done.  Our favorite gifting jam, Autumn Pear Cranberry(to be posted on a later date) and salsa:

e.  I don’t stink!  When I exercise that is, relatively speaking.  For months my clothes after a run smelled like they were dunked in vinegar, something that left me baffled.  Since improving my alkalinity, I have returned to my standard stink.  🙂
2.  Misadventures

a.  Detox-  Ugh.  If my glands swelled any larger it would look like I swallowed two golf balls.  My asthma has escalated and when I look at wheatgrass my stomach rolls and I want to toss.  All in the name of moving in the right direction, right?

b.  Almond Macaroons- made with water and stevia instead of maple syrup.  It didn’t work.  At all.

c.  Shopping without food prepared ahead of time.  One tired momma + 3 hours of grocery shopping with toddler in tow = a total breakdown in will power.  I inhaled a large clif bar, definitely not an alkaline food, and half a pretzel roll.  I enjoyed them, don’t get me wrong, but I did see a drop in my pH the next morning.  Consequence noted.  There aren’t very many places to find alkaline vegan food on the road, so more time in the kitchen prepping quick and easy foods is a must.

d.  It’s so much work to figure out recipes on a newly restricted diet!  Ate a lot of avocados with a spoon and almonds by the handful for lack of more creativity.

In addition to salads and green smoothies, here are a few of my favorites this week:

Deuce Juice
A lovely alkaline drink, reminiscent of limeade with a kick of ginger.

2 cucumbers
2 green apples
2 carrots
2 limes
1/2 inch ginger, peeled

Put cucumbers, apples, carrots and ginger in juicer.  Squeeze in the juice of limes.  Enjoy!

This yummy combo of quinoa cooked in veggie broth with diced cucumbers and carrots, a gorgeous heirloom tomato, avocado and Oh She Glows Tahini Lemon Garlic Salad Dressing.


And finally, sweet potato french fries!  Coated in olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt.  Delish.


So there it is- forgive my randomness.  It’s past my bedtime.  Sweet dreams, blogosphere.

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