Why I love autumn, and why I don’t

Autumn is my most favorite season, my son’s, too. I love the changing colors, the homey food – especially soups (hello slow cooker and one pot meals!), and the chilly mornings that are only made better by hot peppermint tea and slippers.
But I hate its fleeting nature and its threat of winter and those nights that are just too cold and nuke my poor, struggling garden. And it always seems too short.
It also has another drawback that you may have noticed…it makes other people want to make changes too. And here we find ourselves squarely in autumn without Somer. I’d be really mad, but like most of you I just like her too darn much.
So what is to become of GCF now that our glue has moved on? Heck if I know but I’ll keep you posted. It’ll be a fun adventure, if nothing else.


13 thoughts on “Why I love autumn, and why I don’t

  1. So, autumn is my favorie season also, and while Some has gone the way of 8:30 sunsets, GCF remains one of the awesomer-blogs out there. Quite simply, you guys are stars. You just have less twinkle. Stay awesome!

  2. Love Autumn, especially when it means cooler weather, not Indian Summer and hottest days of the year and Santa Ana winds. I would love more slow cooker recipes that don’t rely on large chunks of meat or lots of assembly time, so if you’re looking for recipes to share, there’s an idea for you. I’ll have to go look for the African Stew. Our schedule has suddenly gotten quite busy, but our meal planning and prep time hasn’t caught up with us.

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