To Read: What your gut is telling you (Real “Clean”)

By now you probably know I’m a bit of a gardening geek and a food nerd. In fact, this week I’m working on making water kefir and sourdough culture to comfort my inner nerd and geek with the impending truncation of my growing season outside (though the outrageous fashion show the mountains put on totally makes it worth it).

So, there is nothing terribly revolutionary about this article, but it spoke to me on a few levels. Healthy, living dirt (my Soils professor would kill me for using that word) is one of my favorite smells. Healthy dirt is sustainable. A healthy gut protects not just our digestive system, but our whole body. Living food isn’t just about eating “raw”.  Those little tiny bugs could well be the making or breaking of our civilization.

So, if you have 4 minutes, it’s worth a quick read.

What your gut is telling you, by Maria Rodale

13 thoughts on “To Read: What your gut is telling you (Real “Clean”)

  1. Love this.  I completely agree.  We quit using anti-microbial soaps a while back (for other reasons) and my “soil healing” began after a severe drought forced me to see how the world works on another level – a smaller, more useful scale (we grow food).  If you haven’t read the book, Teaming with Microbes, it is a good one to check out.  Don’t wreck the soil – let nature do as nature does.  Don’t wreck your gut – be mindful of what you put in your mouth as “food.”  Bacteria can harm us or help us.  I vote for letting it  help us.

    • I haven’t read that. I’ll have to check out out. and I’m with you on letting good bugs do their work. We found that when we switched to a more whole foods and greener diet, my kids got sick less and when they do, they get better way quicker.

      • Funny, how when the body heals, it heals completely, isn’t it? One can’t harbor sickness when the body is strong in its defenses. Thanks for sharing the link to the article.

  2. When my kids were young I figured that it wouldn’t hurt them to explore their world around them so long as I didn’t allow them to mass consume broken glass or the contents of the cats litter box and my sister went the exact opposite way. I only went to the doctors with the kids when they were clearly in trouble. She whisked hers off to the nearest medical facility as soon as their cheeks were rosy or they coughed and returned triumphant laden with antibiotics and over the counter medicines. My daughter ate snails…she bit me when I tried to remove them from her crunching little determined mouth. My kids are all healthy adults and my sisters daughters are asthmatics and full of health problems. Anyone seeing the equation here? If kids weren’t meant to ingest some pretty “interesting” things when they were young, why were they made with a maniacal desire to shovel the world into their mouths? Our job is to ensure that what makes it into those little questing digestive systems is not going to kill them! Let them eat some dirt…a few bugs…if they don’t like them/it they will spit them/it out! Life is good…lets taste it! 🙂

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