When Sandy comes to play…

We’re partaking of an extended vacation to western Massachusetts, my husband’s fatherland. We hedged our bets that a big storm was not only unlikely, but virtually impossible. I’m learning I can’t trust virtual reality.


I’m at the in-laws, so I don’t have much to do by way of preparation in terms of safety and lighting and trees falling down. so I’m doing what I do best…bake!


The only real problem is that I’m working in a fully omnivorous, traditionally New England household  and things like nutritional yeast and Vitamixes are dirty words, nevermind plant-based, vegetables, and vegan. but it’s remarkable how well we’re managing.


And we slip a little in times of travel and hurricanes.


And stink bugs. I wouldn’t want to be out there either!


So, as we ride out the storm, we’ll all be enjoying onion and olive flatbread, these chocolate chip cookies (sort of, again working with what we have), and lots of lentil soup.


10 thoughts on “When Sandy comes to play…

  1. Much of my family is weirdly placed during this storm time. It makes me happy to see you able to do things that are “normal” while you wait it out. I won’t worry about you, since I know you’ll be taken care of, and well fed. Sending our love.

    • Wait- did you type all that on your phone? If so, I am seriously impressed. And sorry on the double post. Promised the recipe to someone yesterday. It’s still yesterday somewhere? Okay, not really…

  2. Virtual reality is surreal at times. I hope you’ve come through the worst part. We have here in New York state; in the Finger Lakes area. For now.

    Glad to see the stink bug on the other side of the window; they get into our house at times and we don’t like having to take them outside but they sure can’t stay inside!

    Take good care of you new friend.

  3. This was weirdly password protected yesterday so I’m glad I could open it today. I thought you were hiding some top secret recipe from me. Hoping you are weathering the storm well with lots and lots of lentil soup.

  4. I’ve only come across your blog for the first time tonight, and I couldn’t stop myself from liking every post. But, I’m always sold on a scrumptious cookie, those look so good ! I’m really enjoying your blog 🙂

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