Super Juice – this winter’s cure for everything.

Remember a few months ago when I posted that video (yes, it was long, but very good) where he asked if there was anything Kale couldn’t do? I still love kale. I love anything green and raw that helps me beat being sick and feeds my body goodness!

Over the harvest season, I juiced and froze a bunch of kale juice, but not before slugging down 4 oz of the stuff. It’s nasty straight – NASTY! But it’s amazing at healing and strengthening the body! And we almost ALWAYS have one of those Costco boxes of spinach in the fridge or something green from our Co-op, should I be unable to find my kale cubes in my need.

1203121555a We don’t often get sick in our house, thanks to a relatively healthy lifestyle, but December is my hardest month – the most stress, the most events (and subsequent germ-sharing), the most unmet expectations, the most busyness, and the least amount of sleep. Right now, I’m fighting Mastitis. It’s. The. Worst. And I don’t use that term loosely.

1203121553So yesterday, I pulled out the big guns. My first line of defense (when I can’t ignore my children lie down and rest with a heating pad), are my essential oils. A bit of doTERRA’s On Guard and Frankincense right on the area of infection (not over an open wound, just where it’s red), and a few drops of On Guard by mouth every few hours. But oils alone can’t beat this.

And so, I turn to my trusty juicer and make this concoction full of health promoting and restoring happiness. I call it my Super Juice – (It’s corny, I know, but I have a five year old and to him, I’m still cool). I use it for every sickness (that allows me to drink a somewhat potent elixir – so, probably not for bellyaches). And while I like the way it tastes, I’m not going to guarantee you’ll come back daily for more. But you might.


Super Juice

3 carrots, scrubbed or peeled

3 stalks celery

3 apples, cored

½ – 1 lemon

1 – 2” piece of ginger

2 – 3 cloves garlic

A few handfuls of green stuff – kale or spinach

Prep your produce for the juicer – slicing and dicing as needed. Then, run it all through your juicer, making sure to use a carrot at the end to push the little stuff through, like the ginger and garlic.


8 thoughts on “Super Juice – this winter’s cure for everything.

  1. Looks…yummy??? OK, not delicious yummy, but yummy for the bod. Mastitis is horrible, I agree. Cold cabbage leaves feel great with direct contact. Cold and healing. Just something I found comforting. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Man I need to invest in a juicer — the reason I haven’t is I don’t know what type to buy — there are so many (too many) choices. Can you make some recommendations? Would you mind?

    As a former cancer patient, I take AHCC and I really feel it helps with my immune system. I also take L-Tyrosine…

    When I buy a juicer, I am going to try your recipe above.

    • sorry for such a late response, but the garlic is powerful, so this isn’t a happy sipping juice necessarily, but can be easily omitted for that. that said, I think, the garlic is essential for the healing aspects of this juice. happy juicing!

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