WHAT??? Coming soon…

I’m back. (I think.)

Can I tempt you with delights to come? My sourdough waffles recipe is perfected and all ready to post! I’ve been working on a baked apple bread that is absolutely amazing. Tonight I’m having a SUPER easy vegan cookies and cream ice cream that might make you feel guilty, and have a SMASHING nut-based peppermint chip ice cream that is guilt-free (if you can believe that). I’m all ready to transform breakfasts, lunches and dinners, in addition to transforming my kitchen (I’m finally admitting we’re not moving and am making my miniscule space work).

I have a little problem with all of this. We have this troublesome router that will not let me upload pictures. So we’re ordering a new one tomorrow. Until then, all I can do is tease you.

Salad Dressing

But until I’m back on board, I must tell you that tonight we made Somer’s Morrocan Lentil Soup and a salad using her latest dressing incarnation (of course with my family’s preferred alterations). Can I admit that we stole and fought over our children’s salads when they didn’t want them? She is pretty much amazing.


5 thoughts on “WHAT??? Coming soon…

  1. Oh yeah baby. Good to see you back! Newman O’s Ice Cream, Pepita Dressing and Moroccan Lentil Soup pretty much sounds like the best dinner ever. xx

  2. Glad to see you back :). Rss feed readers are great because half the time you don’t notice that someone is gone till you get the “I’m BAAAACK” post ;). Can’t wait to see some of those gorgeous recipes 🙂

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