Pi Day – 3.14

From geek.com

We do school here, as in within the walls of our home. You know, like “HOMESCHOOL”? I don’t know how to spin or weave, so they don’t wear homespun (j/k), but we do call playing soccer in the backyard and going on trips “school”. We also teach our five year old about mobius strips, birds of the world (he can identify more than a few), indulge his desire to read books about the desert, legos, and scriptures, and let him color his leprechauns whatever color he wants…though they’re usually green. But if he WANTED, I wouldn’t care if they were red or yellow, or if he didn’t even color one.

So, today, March 14th, aka 3.14, we celebrate Pi. That obscure number that helps us calculate the circumference and area of circles and other roundish things. I think I’ll be making a strawberry pie to celebrate to teach my child mathematical principles. How will you celebrate learn?


3 thoughts on “Pi Day – 3.14

  1. Its amazing the learning opportunities that cooking gives you…mathematics never looked so good :). If I had the chance to school my children I would have. My daughters went to school (highschool) with a home schooled girl who was so far ahead of the rest of the class she had to be given special work! 😉

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