Spring changes

spring garden/mygoodcleanfood.com spring garden/mygoodcleanfood.com

Spring always brings changes, and this shifting over to a REAL website (one I’ve invested money in), is a big one. I’m tired, and this is hard. I’m also really quite terrified, especially after a long hiatus and with a busy life, but I’m sort of over this “waiting around for something awesome” thing, so instead I’m making it. I’m working on branding, designing, and hopefully making it a beautiful and welcoming place for you to visit, to peruse, dream and maybe even decide it’s time for you to dig in. This is hard work for the computer UN-learned.

spring garden/mygoodcleanfood.com

We’ve had spring snow the last two days here. Cold and icky, but prior to the icky, we got a good taste of real spring. Buried under a thick blanket of hay, we had some winter survivors. Beautiful, tasty green things. My almost three-year-old little girl thinks she’s sneaking when she tucks away a spinach leaf, and then another, and then another, chewing them up with great delight.

spring garden/mygoodcleanfood.com

Our garden is much more than a place to grow food. It is our hard-work training ground, a science experiment, an escape, our favorite picnic spot, the raspberry patch, our compost pile, and place to dig badger holes, get dirty, take out aggressions, and yes, even sneak a spinach leaf or two.

2 thoughts on “Spring changes

  1. This blog is inspiring to those of us who wonder what we’re going to put on the table tonight that is yummy and good for our old decrepit bodies. I always want to make everything I see! Do you have a way to cook kale? That’s on the menu for tonight. Here in Pittsburg I see lots of beautiful greens like mustard greens,etc. although I’m not prepared for that bitterness quite yet!

    • Greens are hard to get used to. We stick to a few basics – kale, spinach, chard, cabbages and lettuces for the most part, but I did just plant collards. I see them as wraps for a lot of raw dishes, so we might venture into that arena. Enjoy the soup, it is your grandkids’ favorite!

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