About this place:

My Good Clean Food started as a labor of love in 2008 on a wordpress.com site. It was a way to share wholesome recipes primarily with family and nearby friends. I had few qualms about what was okay, but had just read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver and my feelings toward food began evolving. It has phased from “Look I can cook!” (I was pretty proud of that for awhile), through local and sustainable, and now focusing heavily (but not exclusively) on a plant-based diet.

This space is dedicated to, well, um, food, of course, but oh, so much more. We’ve talked about our faith, about running (and not running), and sleeping (and not sleeping). We’ve talked about our kids and gardening and school, and all the things that make life worth living. And you know what? I’ll probably keep talking about all of those things, because that is my life. I’m not the compartmentalizing type.

We have had six authors grace our space, all of which have brought beauty, health, yumminess and energy. The migration from the wordpress.com site to here failed to transfer authorship, for which I’m REALLY, REALLY sorry.

About this Amanda:

I hate describing myself. I’m a pretty simple girl, trying to maintain what little edge is left with three kids, a busy husband, a minivan, a Costco membership, and a townhouse in suburbia. I have a degree in horticulture and conservation biology, and one in law, a community garden plot, a school in my house, and some ridiculous ideas. Once I went to culinary school, got an ’82 Buick Century up on two wheels, was a make-up artist, and schlepped newspapers for cold-hard cash as a kid.

“Living Deliciously Well” is not just a random tagline. These three words are so very, very powerful in my life. Living is my goal. Not just staying alive, but really living, and I NEVER want to be accused of sidelining. Delicious is a scrumptious sort of word, describing so much more than food. It’s that first short-sleeved spring day, a giggly baby’s squishy legs, that feeling of pleasant satisfaction after a long run or a morning spent picking loads of raspberries. Well is both a term of health and a term of execution. This is more than just about being healthy. It is everything – the sweat, the tears, the joy, the effort that go into living deliciously well.

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