Spring changes

spring garden/mygoodcleanfood.com spring garden/mygoodcleanfood.com

Spring always brings changes, and this shifting over to a REAL website (one I’ve invested money in), is a big one. I’m tired, and this is hard. I’m also really quite terrified, especially after a long hiatus and with a busy life, but I’m sort of over this “waiting around for something awesome” thing, so instead I’m making it. I’m working on branding, designing, and hopefully making it a beautiful and welcoming place for you to visit, to peruse, dream and maybe even decide it’s time for you to dig in. This is hard work for the computer UN-learned.

spring garden/mygoodcleanfood.com

We’ve had spring snow the last two days here. Cold and icky, but prior to the icky, we got a good taste of real spring. Buried under a thick blanket of hay, we had some winter survivors. Beautiful, tasty green things. My almost three-year-old little girl thinks she’s sneaking when she tucks away a spinach leaf, and then another, and then another, chewing them up with great delight.

spring garden/mygoodcleanfood.com

Our garden is much more than a place to grow food. It is our hard-work training ground, a science experiment, an escape, our favorite picnic spot, the raspberry patch, our compost pile, and place to dig badger holes, get dirty, take out aggressions, and yes, even sneak a spinach leaf or two.

They’re Growing!

I’ve been following the growth of the Progressive Pioneer’s little flats, and we’re a few weeks ahead of her little greens. Ours aren’t quite so pretty, and there are no nice little rows, and you can tell which heavy-handed squares Matt planted, but we’ve already had a little salad with them, and need to have many more in coming days. Our green onions are starting to march up taller, and a few little basils and creeping thymes are growing in cups next to the lettuces. Hooray!

Suffice to say, it feels a little cheerier in our house these days, and it’s good to know something more than my little (okay, really big) belly and baby girl are growing.