Not so Tasty Tuesday and a Vegemite Giveaway (Yes, it’s vegan)

It’s Tasty Tuesday and since I’ve been feeling yucky, I’ve also been producing yucky things in the kitchen. Does that ever happen to you? It’s like all my creative juices went right down the drain. I made disastrous chickpea nuggets that my kids gagged on. My three year old said “Ew, yucky, that’s gross mom!” (I nearly gagged too, they really were barely edible). Wilted salads that were only redeemable because they had a tasty dressing. Sad versions of the same quinoa and whatever vegetable needs to be used up curry that my family is sick of eating. I even managed to make my famed Morocan Lentil Soup taste gross, and that my friends has NEVER happened before. Blech. So the Vegan Cookie Bars were pretty much the only tasty thing I’ve made, and I’ve all ready shared them with you. So I’ve got nothing left but to offer you today’s Super Awesome Giveaway in the Continuum of Radical Somer July Giveaways.

That’s right folks, I have one little jar of Vegemite for one lucky winner. You know you want it. Don’t be grossed out yet. Please read my previous Vegemite post to see how to properly make a Vegemite sandwich and why it’s especially good for vegans (hint, it’s packed with B-12, a vitamin that vegans typically need to supplement their diets with). Update and Correction: I’ve been chastised told by two Aussies in the comments below that vegemite does not in fact contain B-12, but Marmite does, sorry folks! Plus, Australian Thom from Don’t Switch off the Light says it’s good in gravy. I haven’t tried it, but his recipes look pretty amazing, so I’ll take his word for it. This contest is open to U.S. readers only (sorry Thom!) since the Vegemite jar is glass and also since it’s probably easier for those readers who live outside the states to get some type of “mite” then it is for us Americans. (Marmite, Promite, Vegemite, Mighty mite…. am I missing any?) I should probably also mention that Vegemite is not gluten-free since it contains barley.

Rules of Engagement:

1- You must be a follower of this blog, if you don’t know how to do that, there is a “Follow blog via email” button at the top column to the right. 

2- You must like this post (click on the title name of this post, then go to the bottom of the post just above comments and push the like button),

3- You must comment below, telling me whether you think Vegemite is disgusting or tasty and why you came to that conclusion.

Winner to be announced Tuesday July 24th, 2012. 

And now for the winners of last Tasty Tuesday’s Pepper Jack Cashew Cheez Post &Pamona’s Pectin Giveaway…… 

Kristy from Keepin it Kind


Anne Sture Tucker

Winners were selected by using the service. Please email your mailing addresses to me at and I will mail you your prize!

Anne, Kristy has all ready tasted the goodness that is cashew cheez and wrote about using it on an amazing pizza here, I can’t wait to hear what you think about it when you get a chance to make it!

Until Somer Saturday….

73 thoughts on “Not so Tasty Tuesday and a Vegemite Giveaway (Yes, it’s vegan)

  1. Yay! Vegemite is the best. Although I am a little biased being an Aussie and all. But try some smeared on toast with your favourite vegan cheese melted on top. You won’t regret it!

  2. Hi Thanks for the mention. Yes it is something that is good in gravy. It’s great on sandwich and toast. Hey Somer have you cooked quinoa many times ? Can you tell me what recipes you use it in please ? I was going to add a small amount of vege stock for a bit of flavour. What would you suggest please ? Thxs

    • Anytime!

      Yes, I cook quinoa at least once a week, one thing I will tell you is that you really need to rinse it well before using, otherwise it will taste bitter. I use it in place of brown rice in all sorts of dishes because it cooks so quickly and is super nutritious. Yes, do cook it in veggie stock. I also make an excellent curried quinoa side dish by sauteing an onion in a little oil. Add a knob of grated ginger, a few cloves of minced garlic and a teaspoon each of ground cumin and coriander, then add 1/4 t. cinnamon. Stir in 1 C. quinoa and saute for a few minutes then add 1.5 C. veggie stock and salt to taste. Cover and cook for 15-20 minutes then fluff with a fork and add 1 C. frozen peas and 1/4 C. chopped cilantro (I think it’s called coriander in oz). I think you’ll like it!

  3. I do like Vegemite in small doses but I live with someone who LOVES it. I think the difference is that he grew up eating it as a child and I didn’t. 🙂

  4. Sorry to hear you are feeling yucky – weird that it’s affecting you in. The kitchen too. I think I boycott the kitchen at those times – my husband is a great cook and takes over for me. Haven’t made the cookie bars yet (he did some baking on the weekend that we are still working through), but they are next.

    • Thanks Heidi. I don’t know if it’s common or not, but I think a lot of love and light goes into preparing food, and when you don’t have much to give, maybe that’s why things don’t turn out well.

      My husband can’t cook, so you’re a lucky one!

      Take your time on the cookie bars, they are worth the wait and don’t require much attention to turn out smashingly well.

  5. Why is it that when you feel grotty everything else goes wrong and you feel even worse! Glad the salad dressing cheered up a limp salad 🙂

    Btw, marmite is far superior to vegemite (but then i would say that as a Brit!!)

    Hope you feel better soon and your kitchen adventures become successful again x

    • Good question. I mentioned to another reader earlier that it must be because you don’t have positive energy to put into things so everything turns out badly. Bleh. Yes, your salad dressing was a shining light and gross proof 🙂

      Funny thing, I’ve tried lots of different “mites” and can’t really tell the difference between them. Maybe my palate isn’t refined enough! My husband however, is die hard for vegemite and nothing else will do. My Father-in-Law however, is a Brit living in Australia and is a marmite fiend. So maybe affiliation lies in your allegiance to country? 😉

      I’m sure I’ll perk up soon and start pumping out fabulous creations again. In the meantime, I’m taking a break…. Thanks Lucy! xoxox

    • Thanks Little Sis (sorry, don’t know your real name!) It helps to know I’m not the only one and hope to come out of this funk soon. And yes, the summer blahs are here :/

  6. I felt the same in the kitchen last week, argh. For me I think it’s mostly due to the heat, all I feel like eating is watermelon and frozen treats! I did manage to bake some biscuits on Sunday, and I made burritos last night that were delicious, so maybe I’ll be back in business this week. Fingers crossed for you too. 🙂
    I love Vegemite. I am an Aussie though so I’ve grown up with the stuff. I have successfully converted my American husband as well! My stash here is getting low, so I would be thrilled to win a jar!

    • Phew, I’m glad I’m not the only one to go on a creative hiatus! Yes, my Australian husband has converted us all to vegemite and stashes are hard to come by living here in the US! Thankfully we have plenty of family coming back and forth to keep us sufficiently stocked. Thanks for the entry and good luck!

  7. I have been feel you sister, I just don’t even want to go in the kitchen it is so stinking HOT! But I have a really good recipe for you Thursday that requires no cooking (ok, very little cooking)

    • I’m ready for it. Maybe you could give a girl a bone and email it to me in advance 😉 nudge nudge wink wink. xoxo. We need to get together! Give me a week to get my crap together and lets do lunch or nails or farm or something….

    • Thanks Anne. I’m not trying to be a super hero. Just trying to feed my family, but yes, I will be kind to myself. Thanks for your supportive words. Xoxo.

    • Where do you source it? Thom uses a gravy mix, plus vegemite for extra flavor.

      I use nutritional yeast all the time, is that the same as yeast extract?

      • Yes, as far as I know nutritional yeast is the Americanese for yeast extract. I’ve talked about yeast extract before and people have been puzzled 😀

        It was easy to get plain yeast extract in the UK, but harder where I am in Europe 😦 Health food shops or supermarket for the veg stock, and HFS for yeast extract – if and when they have it in. But it is a wonderfood. I may have to go down the road of buying Marmite or Vegemite, but both are far too salty for me 😦

      • Sorry that it’s tricky for you to get. I have a huge container of the nutritional yeast in my pantry as I use it nearly every day. I wonder if it’s economical to ship?

        Yes, vegemite and marmite are super salty, which is probably why I like them, but I spread them SUPER thinly.

  8. My sister went to school in Australia and she sent me a jar for my 21st birthday (not what I expected) but I was so intrigued by Vegemite that I was instantly hooked. The salty savory flavor on toast became a quick favorite.

    P.S. I’m glad that I’m not the only one with kitchen disasters… I don’t want to tell anyone about my experiment making hemp milk. I know you’re improving, it’s always good to learn things NOT to do too.

    • Where did she go? I went to MacQuarie University in Sydney. Super awesome! Crazy birthday present! Haha! Thanks for entering the giveaway!

      I’m hooked too, I think it tastes like concentrated soy sauce, which is a good thing…

      P.S. Thanks for telling me about your hemp milk disaster. It helps me to feel more normal that other obviously good cooks still have kitchen failures too!

    • Sweet. Thanks for entering. If you don’t want to eat it, you can always save it for a white elephant gift or something, or even worse, tell someone it’s chocolate spread as a trick….

      • Australians do that EXACT thing to visiting Americans all the time…. Just sayin’

        Everyone that visits our house has to be initiated, my husband doesn’t even give people the dignity of allowing them to have it on toast, he has them eat it straight off a spoon. Usually lots of gagging and retching ensues. It’s awesome.

    • I think I’m inspired to attempt something tasty just by your mere presence back in the blogosphere. Perusing your blog now for inspiration, even in the sorry state of my fridge and pantry.

    • I hope to stop being a basket case soon so I can stop making blah blah yucky blah. Stupid hormones. Got your big hug and the Newman O’s are seeing me through! Xoxo

  9. Sorry, you had such a bad week. You deserve a prize yourself for taking on such a task, and it’ll get better. My first time on blog, corn muffins were a awesome idea go, great black-eyed and broccolli dish. Thanks again

    • Yes, I lived there for two years, I even brought back a husband. Hence my adoration for the thick brown tar 😉

      Thanks Sparkles!!! xoxo

  10. Hi Somer,

    I did not know Vegemite is gluten free too. I must tell my sister and maybe some of your reader did not know this either. Just to let you know Vegemite does not contain any B12. Although it is one of the world’s richest known sources of B vitamins, Vegemite specifically thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and folic acid.
    Vegemite does not contain any fat, added sugar, animal content or gluten.
    For B12 yeast extracts spreads maybe choose British Marmite or New Zealand Marmite.

    • Looks like I need to update my post with the B-12 info! I have an ancient jar that says it has it on the nutrition stats, but my newer jars don’t.

      My jar of vegemite says it contains barley, which is not gluten free. I hear that Mighty Mite is gluten free though.

      It looks like I’m gonna have to invest in some Marmite.

      • About the B12 thing I used to eat New Zealand Marmite which has B12 and I started liking vegemite more and more so I was using this when I read on the back of the jar no B12 listed. I checked on the Kraft website and they said that Vegemite does not contain B12. I was disappointed so I took some supplements as you know all about how B12 is difficult to get from a vegan diet as most of the vegetables you buy these days all of the soil is washed off and B12 is in the soil. Which is why the animals have it in their flesh. Anyway B12 keeps healthy brain activate and I need to take it as I have a small brain 😉

      • I take a supplement too. Michael Pollan wrote that you can also get it from decaying vegetables, yuck.;)

        And Thom, you certainly don’t have a small brain, OR a small heart! 😉

  11. I’ve never tried vegemite but would love to do so. It gets all sorts of raps but I am “vegemite curious”.

  12. Oh yay! I won! I know I’m a day late, but I’m just now catching up on some blogs. Yay!

    As for vegemite. An ex-boyfriend of mine was British and he made toast for us once and spread some on my toast, just to see how I would react. Let’s just say he got a good laugh out of it.

    I totally have times like that. Times where the kitchen just seems foreign to me. I totally understand. 🙂 Going to go respond to your email right now!

    • Sweet! Email me your mailing address!

      And don’t sweat the vegemite experience, lets just say that’s how most people react!

      I just ate a drained can of garbanzo beans with Chef AJ’s house dressing on it. I was going to make your salad, but realized I have a serious produce deficit and need to get to the store. 😉 At least it tasted good….

  13. Pingback: Chef AJ’s “Unprocessed” Book Giveaway and House Dressing Recipe! « Good Clean Food

  14. I just have to say that vegemite isn’t always vegan! I had a minor heart attack when I found this out. It can be made using animal extracts and they don’t publicise this on the jar. The way to tell if your vegemite is actually vegan is to check for a small number (not the barcode) and take note if it has a “K” in front of it. IF you see “K” then its OKAY…if just a number without a “K” ITS MEAT AND RUN AWAY! Just thought that you might like to know that, I most certainly did being a vegan who has probably injested her weights worth of vegemite since her childhood and has most likely eaten meat without knowing it.

    • I haven’t looked at my jar, but every jar I’ve ever bought has a little thing on it that says “suitable for vegetarians” I’m going to check out the code. Sneaky.

      • I didn’t believe it either till I read it somewhere and checked up on it. They can use animal products to make the yeast when they can’t source vegetarian sources and that little thing with the “K” is something that I check for now whenever buying vegemite.

  15. Ok I just went hunting and apparently I was wrong! It must have been one of those vegan scares in Australia not so long back (probably started by a non vegan to “stir the possum” as we Aussies say 😉 ) and the “K” actually stood for Kosher and they don’t make it any more. We can all breathe a sigh of relief that good old vegemite is both delicious AND vegan. The only problem is that it is manufactured by a company that does animal testing and that supports US republicanism…you can’t have it all! 😉

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