Wasatch Eats

Dedicated to dining out “whole foods, plant-based” style in the Wasatch, covering the Wasatch Front and Back. As we try it, we’ll share it, and not just the “Veggie” restaurants. We’ll tell you what we find EVERYWHERE, from the super-fancy to drive-thru delicacies.


Tentative Categories:

An Introduction

The Drive-Thru – A mother’s saving grace

The Roxberry

Standard Veggie Stops

Cafe Rio Part I

Cafe Rio Part II

Cafe Supernatural

Mountain West Burrito


Omar’s Rawtopia (Take 1)

Omar’s Rawtopia (Take 2)

Sage’s Cafe

Easy-Peasy – Diners & t-shirt stops

Blue Plate Diner

The Lunch Bunch- Sandwiches, Soups, Salads, etc.

Jason’s Deli

Kneader’s Bakery and Cafe

Fancy, Schmancy – Date Night Delight

The Red Iguana


From a Carnivore’s Base Camp, Food for an Herbivore

Smashburger (vegetarian, not vegan)

Utah’s Hogle Zoo

Bakeries and Treats

If you have a special request or want us to visit your place, shoot us an email!

6 thoughts on “Wasatch Eats

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  2. So happy I found your ** delicious ** blog! I have been a vegetarian for years for my own feel-good reasons and recently became a vegan for medical reasons. Love your posts.

    • Awesome! PRetty much all of us chose the plant based route for medical reasons, so we totally get it! Awesome for you and welcome! Hopefully we can help a bit as you navigate!

      • Yep, they do and I’m on my way to the garden this weekend to harvest a bunch if the temps can get cool enough at night. Your recipe looks totally simple – just what I need. I could totally get behind some kale chips!

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