My new favorite website

This has absolutely nothing to do with food. Directly anyway. Especially since I don’t buy food at IKEA. But it will have everything to do with my pantry situation in a few days.

See, the current reality of my life is that I choose not to afford a contractor to remodel my 1980 kitchen and update my storage options (plastic shelves and cardboard boxes) in a townhouse that has lost at least $20K in value since we bought it. We haven’t upgraded a lot because these were all temporary solutions … right? And so, like any suburban mom trying to pay off her law school and minivan, I shop at IKEA.

But until recently, I did so aimlessly and helplessly, like my deliriously tired children having tantrums about checker pieces. I wasn’t good at it and it wasn’t pretty. I am one of those “think inside the tidy box” types, which served me beautifully all through school, but this whole freestyling bit of motherhood and home ownership proves that skill to be less than ideal.

And then I found this: IKEA Hackers

It’s full of pure genius. Seriously, the people who do some of these are totally OUT OF THE BOX types. And I envy them. And one day, I will learn that skill. And until then, well, I will just COPY them. Thank you, IKEA Hackers.

Check out this one (LOVE). And this one is brilliant. Don’t get lost on there.

And the rest of you, you [hopefully] will be seeing the results of their recommendations in my KITCHEN soon.


6 thoughts on “My new favorite website

  1. I’m going to be building a wall to wall wardrobe soon to solve our impossibly small for the size of our home closet situation. Ikea Hackers here I come! xx

  2. Awesome find! So nice to have an idea of how to tweak mass-produced stuff.. Ikea is all we have here in Holland, and I feel like my living space is decorated the same as everyone else here!

    • Do it. Your DIY self will love you … well, it might until you’re covered in paint, and hungry because you can’t use your kitchen. HA! Have fun…

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